Alyson:  That’s me.

J:  My husband of 7 years.

The Karate Kid:  Our oldest, age 5.

Sir Sweats A Lot:  Our youngest, age 3.

The Jonas Sister:  My step-daughter, age 16.

Sportsboy:  My stepson, age 17, going on 40.


2 Responses to “The Players”

  1. Are you one of the females in the pedegg commercial, specifically the red head and is one of the males in the same commercial your husband or did he play your spouse in a sitcom, movie or something?

    If you are that female, you look very familiar and I have been trying to place where I know you from or what I have seen you in for months and months and cannot remember. If you are an actress, what else have you (and your spouse) been in because I remember him too?

    If you are not an actress, have you ever lived in Texas, specifically Bay City or Brownwood?

    Thanks for helping ease my mind!

    Gale Southall

  2. alyson Says:

    None of the above, although I do love my PedEgg. Sorry.

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