I’m on a Roll

January 13, 2014

2 weeks in to this year and I have read 2 books!  Go me!  Latest selection:  “This Time Together” by Carol Burnett.  It is a collection of short, mostly humerous, anecdotes from Ms. Burnett’s career.  I greatly prefer light, fluffy reading and this really fit the bill.  I had half the book finished by the time we reached our destination on a short road trip. 

Much like John Green’s “An Abundance of Katherine’s“, I found my favorite quote in this selection near the end of the book.  Ms. Burnett’s daughter Carrie passed away in 2002, and this is Carrie’s description of what she left behind. 

Our legacy is really the lives we touch, the inspiration we give, altering someone’s plan–if even for a moment–and getting them ot think, cry, laugh, argue.  More than anything, we are remembered for our smiles; the ones we share with our closest and dearest, and the ones we bestow on a total stranger, who needed it RIGHT THEN, and God put you there to deliver. 


Required Reading

January 5, 2014

Some of you on my blogroll are such good readers.  Always posting at the end of the year a list of all the books you read in the previous 365 days, and making me feel all guilty because I’m a total slacker.  I can only think of 3 (non-children’s)books that I read last year:  Tina Fey’s, “Bossypants”, an Amish fiction book I borrowed from a friend, and Willie Robertson’s book (Don’t judge me).  So I decided that I am going to do better in 2014.  

On a recent trip to the library with my children I checked out 3 of the most un-similar books imaginable, proving that I am incredibly well rounded.  I finished one of the books in a matter of days, and since I read over half of it in 2014, I’m counting it on this year’s tally. The book was, “An Abundance of Katherine’s” by John Green, and I LOVED IT.  Although at 36 years of age I’m much older than Mr. Green’s target audience, some of my younger friends and relatives are always talking about how wonderful his works are, and I had to see for myself, and guess what?  You should too, no matter how old you are.  Being as I was feeling particularly blue as I was finishing the book, this particular quote near the end really resonated with me:  

“And so we all matter-maybe less than a lot, but always more than none.”