Things You Won’t Read in the Parenting Books

January 23, 2014

I have been a mom for a little over a decade now.  Many of the sacrifices I have had to make, I was aware of.  I knew going in that I would have to give up some of my social life (but I seriously didn’t realize I would give up nearly all of it).  I knew kids were expensive.  I knew they would change my life, for the better.  However, there are two things I did not know would happen once I had children.

1. I did not know that I would be required to set my alarm to go off in the middle of the night so I could do their laundry.  That’s right, I once got out of my warm cozy bed in the wee hours of a winter morning to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.  And it wasn’t because they didn’t have other clothes.  The local college basketball team was coming to the school, as well as a local news crew, and everyone was supposed to wear their team gear.  Unfortunately both of my kiddos had worn theirs the day before, not knowing they would be asked to the next day.  This event happened two years ago, and as I reflect I think that either my standards for cleanliness were higher then, and I couldn’t stand the thought of them wearing the same clothes for 2 days without a washing, or they had gotten the clothes very dirty, because if the same thing happened today I might just tell them to wear them again. 

2.  I did not know that I would sometimes lose control of my bladder.  I have had some kind of sickness which is causing me to cough a lot.  I have had 3 other such illnesses in the last 2 years.  Sometimes it’s bronchitis, sometimes it’s sinus infections and this one is probably the flu since most of my office has it.  My body has been through 2 pregnancies and, I can no longer cough, laugh or sneese–at least not a lot–without peeing.  Since I have been doing two of those things in excess the last 2 days, I have resorted to wearing a maxi pad.  I think I’ll call this condition Influenza Incontinence. 

But guess what, my kiddos have been WONDERFUL the last couple of days, and have done a great job taking care of their mama, so it’s all worth it!



2 Responses to “Things You Won’t Read in the Parenting Books”

  1. Brian Says:

    Ha! I think we are all just getting old, Alyson. I hope you get to feeling better (and dryer)!

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