Lunchtime Loser

September 13, 2012

One of my hobbies, okay, my only hobby, is couponing. Now, I know that people who don’t coupon really don’t care for people who do, but if you fall into the non-couponer category, please allow me to state my case. I do not get 7 cart loads of products for free, or for change, I just don’t pay near as much as you do. I do not clear shelves, I leave plenty for your shopping needs. I am not a hoarder. I do not have a 200 year supply of deodorant stored in my basement. I don’t even have a basement, but if I did it wouldn’t be filled with good stuff like that, it would be filled with useless crap, the way God intended. I use my couponing skill as a ministry to others. I have helped dozens of families over the last couple of years get back on their feet, a fact that I will very politely share with you if I catch you rolling your eyes at me when I’m checking out with my million coupons. If you are behind me in the checkout line and you only have a few items and I have a ton of coupons, I will let you in front of me. I’m nice like that. Don’t hate me because you pay for the stuff I get for free.
One of the million things I love about my new job is that I have an hour for lunch, which is perfect for grabbing a drive-thru bite and hitting a store for some couponing. I know that Wal Mart will price match competitors sales, and that I could save time and gas by just going there exclusively, but I don’t like to. My theory is, if a store if offering a special price on a product, the least I could do is purchase it from them. I try to follow this “rule” whenever I can. My thinking is if everyone goes to Wal Mart and does price matching, then those other stores that are offering the sale price are going to go out of business and then we will be at the mercy of Wal Mart’s pricing for everything. Not to mention that some stores double some of my coupons, and Wal Mart doesn’t double coupons. The few times I have tried to price match have not gone well, and they always find some loophole to avoid honoring their policy
Monday I went to one of the local grocery stores to pick up pop tarts that were on sale. I had found printable coupons for these that would make them 86 cents a box. I have kids, therefore I know this is a great price! This store also has a deli so I grabbed me some chicken strips for lunch, and was bummed to discover that they were out of every dipping sauce that I will eat, which is a rather large group. I got to the cash register and was informed that if my internet coupons don’t scan right away they won’t honor them. Anybody that knows internet coupons knows that they rarely scan at all. Of course, mine didn’t scan and I lost $2 on the transaction. The pop tarts were still a really good price, but it could have been better with my coupon. As I pulled out of the parking lot I couldn’t help but think that if I had price matched the pop tarts at Wal Mart they would have taken my internet coupon. As I bit into my, so cold they were inedible, chicken strips a few minutes later I wondered why I had even bothered patronizing that store at all. When I went into a convenience store for a drink and saw their deliciously hot chicken strips complete with dipping sauce for less than what I paid at the grocery store, I was kicking myself for my stupid store loyalty rule. To top off a craptastic lunch hour, my next stop was out of the high end ice cream that I had hoped to score for $1 before my coupon expired the next day.
Tuesday I spent all morning debating rather I should spend my lunch time picking up a few things and playing coupon fairy with some coupons that expired that day at Wal Mart, or use that time at one of my favorite drugstores doing my weekly couponing. Five minutes before leaving for lunch I opted for the later option, only to arrive at my destination and find that I had left my coupons at the office. Ugh! I left and went to the McDonalds drive thru for some chicken nuggets, a rare treat for me. I arrived back at my office with my lunch only to discover that the McDonalds employee that packaged my food couldn’t count and I was a few nuggets short of a meal. On the plus side, they remembered the dipping sauce!

I think, given my track record, I should eat my lunch in the office as often as possible!

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