Remodeling: By The Numbers

March 27, 2012

We are presently in the process of remodeling our kitchen.  And by “remodeling” I mean we are installing a new floor, nothing more.  And by, “presently in the process” I mean that the installer finished said floor nearly 2 weeks ago and our house is still a wreck.  I used to be OCD, but 2 boys and an insane work schedule later, I now choose to live in dump wrather than spend every second cleaning.  But I digress………..

For you enjoyment I give you the following, “By The Numbers” list regarding this process.

3 and counting:  The number of weeks our house has been torn upside down for a project that took 2 days to complete. 

3:  The number of layers of old flooring that had to be removed.  Decades of old flooring, including absbestos tile.

16:  The number of cabinets that had to be emptied, cleaned, and the contents hand washed to rid all traces of absbestos dust created by removing the old floor.

4:  The number of garbage bags full of crap I deemed excess to our needs and donated or threw away.  It’s amazing what you find you don’t need when you are faced with the daunting task of hand washing it all.   

2:  The number of aforementioned garbage bags who’s contents all said “cool whip”.  2 is also the number of non functioning appliances currently residing on my front proch.  2 is also the number of gaping holes, both asthetic and literal created by this project.  #1 is a literal hole, created by removing a non functioing dishwasher.  #2 is an asthetic, “hole” where we removed a built in desk and found that the pannelling does not go beyond where the desk sat.  The plans for hole #2 involve renovating an antique pie safe that is in our shop.  The long term plans for hole #1 involve a new dishwasher.  The short term plans invole a tension rod and a curtain because…….

1,000:  The number of dollars over budget this project went.  Ugh!

Maybe someday I will have a restored pie safe, and all the dishes will be washed and put away, and I will have a new dishwasher in my kitchen and the old one will be at the recycling center.  Before and after pics coming soon!



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