Cutie Patootey’s

April 15, 2010

One morning this week Sir Sweats Alot (age 4) asked me, “Was I there at your wedding day?”.  I explained that he was not, due to the fact that he hadn’t been born yet.  “Where was I then?” he asked, clearly not understand the concept of time existing before he did.  After several unsuccessful attempts at explaining exactly why he couldn’t attend my wedding day, I finally said.  “In heaven, you were in heaven then, God hadn’t sent you to me”.  He replied, “Oh, well, I really missed you then, when I was in heaven”. 

Last night I was facebook status comment bantering with some of my Jovi-girls, with whom I am meeting up with in 6 days in Nashville.  In our discussion one of the other ladies mentioned that Jon is her future husband, which instigated a back and forth playful argument in which we all staked our claim as Jon’s future wife.  Later in the evening after telling my husband about our juvinile banter, I found Karate Boy (age 7) in his room looking rather glum.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, “You called someone else your future husband, and I don’t want you to leave daddy”.  After consoling Karate Boy and finally convincing him that he wouldn’t be getting a new step-daddy anytime soon, I immediately got online and told my lovely friends that I was folding, and that they had one less competitor for Jon’s heart, after all, no man is worth making my son cry.

However, on second thought, I’m sure if KB’s new step-dad bought him a new four wheeler he could be convinced.


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