Deep Thoughts

September 10, 2009

Gay Marriage:  When discussing gay marriage with other straight people here in the Bible belt, my support of the topic is usually unpopular.   Often, people will say, “I have a gay friend, (or brother, or brother-in-law, or cousin…..or whatever), and I love him/her…………..BUT, I don’t condone their lifestyle or think they should be able to marry.”  Of course they use  Christianity and the Bible to back their views.  You may remember that my cousin said it, and I’ve heard others say nearly the same thing.   

My deep thought is this:  Isn’t someone saying they have, “lots of gay friends” but openly campaigning against their freedom alot like the leader of the KKK saying, “I have lots of African American friends”? 

Belief Isn’t Enough:  The following is paraphrased from last Sunday’s sermon: Some people like to say it is enough just to say you believe, that’s all you have to do and you’ll go straight to heaven.  Well, satan believes in God and Christ.  He knows they’re real.  Still think belief is enough?

5 Responses to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. Brian Says:

    Excellent thoughts, Alyson. The Bible even says Satan trembles in his belief. How many people do that?

  2. bridgeout Says:

    Thank you for writing this here. It so resonates for me! I like the KKK analogy. I just had an incident with a long time friend last night that I thought loved me in spite of the fact that I am gay… but when I process what happened I will blog about it. I appreciate your thoughts on this.
    Found you at Brian’s blog.

  3. alyson Says:

    Thanks guys. In the KKK analogy I thought about adding that “we go out for beers just as soon as I get finished burning crosses in their yards.”

    Bridge: I love your blog, I found it through Brian’s too. Brian is awesome, and the main reason I am pro-prop 8.

  4. queerunity Says:

    We always need you guys our allies to speak out. At first I got scared since you wrote “pro prop 8” and prop 8 yes voters was for banning marriage equality.

  5. alyson Says:

    Thanks for commenting. I guess I should check myself better in the future. I’ll chenge it now. Thanks.

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