Church: An Update

May 27, 2009

The first Sunday of my newfound freedom didn’t go as planned.  We ended up going to J’s sister’s church.  They were having a special graduate recognition dinner and our neice was involved.  We decided to try again this past Sunday, when our boys would be at J’s sister’s house. 

You know what they say about good intentions……..Sunday morning we took advantage of not having kids in the house and not having anywhere to have to go and we slept…….until 10:30.  This coming Sunday we have other plans, so I have no idea when or if we will actually check out other churches. 

To make things harder, I’ve been getting emails and cards from church, making me a bit homesick.  Karate boy has made comments about, “our church”, and we recently met our new pastor and his family and it was a wonderful experience.  Our kids played together and had a wonderful time.  In short, I’m mega-confused.


2 Responses to “Church: An Update”

  1. Brian Says:

    Go with your gut. If you still feel pulled in the direction of your old church, there’s nothing wrong with giving it another shot – especially since there’s a new pastor. That may be just the shot in the arm that everyone needed!

  2. Alyson Says:

    I wish I could, but I feel my gut has split personality disorder. I feel the same way sometimes about the new pastor deal, but as I told my mom, I’ve never had a problem with the pastor, it’s the people I have issue with.

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