Where I Stand

April 15, 2009

If you’ve been around here very long, you are aware of  my views on gay marriage.  In the last few months, many of the blogs that I read, which are penned by heterosexuals, have broached the subject in both lighthearted and serious manners.  From the brilliance of these pieces, and others that I read on the subject, I had delusioned myself enough to think that the majority of America was pro-gay marriage.    Then I attended a work meeting, and whilst on the subject of our Christmas party a suggestion was made to have the event at a local restaurant that is owned by a gay man.  One of the older fellows in our office quickly vetoed that suggestion on the basis that he, “wasn’t supporting that pack of queers with his money”.  In that moment I realized that although I can keep my blinders on in my online community, it doesn’t work so well in the work enviornment.

When I thought about it, my views aren’t in sync with my chruch enviornment either.  According to one of my former pastors, Methodism’s take on the subject is, “hate the sin, love the sinner”.   Personally, I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin, or a choice, and in debating the subject with my church friends, I am often the odd man out.

Same goes for abortion.  In many of our monthly women’s group meetings, most of the members make their anit-abortion stance known to all.  My personal feelings on the issue are, although I could never do it myself, I believe in the right to chose.  One of my best friends, with whom I attend church, volunteers at a local pregnancy crisis center, and is often campaigning for financial and spiritual support for their mission, which is basically to keep babies from being aborted.  Last year I attended their fundraising banquet with her, thinking maybe I could see what I was missing.  Even after hearing stories of their clients, who are as young as 11, I still find myself on the fence.   I’ve seen the outcome of teenagers, or maybe even pre-teens raising babies, and heard the stories of newborns being found in dumpsters, and I just don’t know if  babies raising babies is a much better fate than abortion is.  A viewpoint I keep to myself in most circles. 

When thinking about these things, I can’t help but wonder, am I in the wrong religion?


2 Responses to “Where I Stand”

  1. birdpress Says:

    Yeah, probably.

    It’s always a shock to me too when I hear that kind of ignorance from people. Before I worked at my current job, I worked a few days at a grooming salon (I didn’t accept that job) where the two ladies working there told me how they had their “first experience with the gays” recently. They started talking about how strange these men were but how they were very nice and took good care of their dog, like they were surprised.

    I asked something like, “do you care that they are gay?” after they kept going on about it and the one lady said, as if I were stupid, “Well, yeah! It’s wrong!” I was just kind of speechless for a second and sort of was like, “um, yeah, okay, well I don’t really think it affects me, so whatever.” I didn’t want to debate it or anything, figuring you can’t really change being stupid anymore than you can change being gay.

    I think that was actually one of the main reasons I decided not to work there. Their attitudes would have made me want to shoot people.

  2. Alyson Says:

    Sounds like you made a good choice. And I absolutely love your comment about not being able to change stupid any more than being able to change being gay.

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