Vacation, Anywhere I Wanna

February 26, 2009

Several years ago my aunt and her husband of less than a year remarked, in a sort of appalled tone of voice, “It’s time for us to go on vacation, we haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon.”  It’s been almost 8 years since mine, and I still haven’t gone on a real vacation.  At my old job paid vacation was not something that was offered.  Therefore, in the 10 plus years I was there, my honeymoon was the only real vacation that I had, and even that wasn’t a full week.   With children in the picture, taking a week off without pay plus shelling out dough for a vacation wasn’t really an option for us, so we settled for mini-vacations every couple of years or so.  Noting major, usually just a long weekend away.   Three days, max. 

I am long overdue a real vacation, and I found out yesterday that I get one.  A paid one.  The world, or rather the world within 5 hours of KY, as I can’t handle travelling any further than that with the kiddos, is my oyster.  When I found out that I could take vacation earlier this week, I spent the day pondering out destination as I worked.  Eventually I decided on St. Louis.  Fairly close by, with lots of amazing free places to take the kids, like the zoo, Grant’s farm, and the Science Center, it was an easy sell for me.  I figured that throwing in a Cardinals game would make it a no brainer for J too. 

I was quite happy with my decision in my little fantasy world, then I spoke my idea out loud, where my hopes were dashed.   J was thinking of something less urban, more natural, somewhere where we could be close to nature and see animals (hello, zoo and farm) somewhere that we could camp and the kids could make friends (they could do that at the hotel pool)  a.k.a. somewhere that we could catch malaria and west nile virus.   J was thinking…………are you ready for this…………….okefenokee swamp.  

It took me forever to find it online.  I’m a pretty decent speller, but even I didn’t know where to begin on Okefenokee.  (Sure, it’s easy for you guys, I’ve already done all the work for you).  I first tried Okie- and kept getting results for, “Okie from Meskogie”.  Finally, I found it, and discovered that it was 11 hours away, so I shattered J’s Oke-dreams on that basis alone, witholding the information that there was no way in hell that I was going to spend my first vacation in nearly a decade somewhere with swamp in the name.  Okefe-no way in hell Swamp.

We now have a short list of destinations:  Chatanooga, TN, Gatlinburg, TN (been there, done that in a long weekend), Branson, MO (don’t you have to be 70 to go there?), and Hot Springs, AR.  Any other suggestions??????

And sure, the economy is in the toilet, my job isn’t the most secure, we have debt, we have home repairs that we should be spending our money on, but dammit, I haven’t had a vacation in 8 years and I’m going somewhere.


9 Responses to “Vacation, Anywhere I Wanna”

  1. bluesuit12 Says:

    I’ve been to both Branson and Hot Springs and St. Louis is still sounding the best to me. I’ve never heard of this swamp before but agree with you that your first vacation in 8 years shouldn’t be do a swamp. I hope it works out and that wherever you go is fun and relaxing!

  2. bluesuit12 Says:

    Oh, what about Memphis?

  3. We found a furnished cabin on a river and hid for a week…The whole trip…food included cost about $500 including gas (and it was expensive then)…

  4. Red Says:

    Ummm . . StLouis is nice. And relatively close.
    I’d say you could go to the Lake .. but, nevermind 🙂

    Umm . . Nashville? Memphis?

  5. Alyson Says:

    bluesuit: I’m sure anywhere we go we will have a great time. I’m not sure if Memphis is family-friendly enough for us, and J wants someplace rustic-like, so Memphis is probably out. J and I have been there before and I really enjoy it.

    electrician: Your experience sounds right up our alley. Where was this at?

    Red: I think St. Louis is out. We have to come to some kind of compromise. Ugh.

    My argument about J’s whole, “let’s go somewhere far off and go camping for a week” is that we can do that here. LOL.

  6. wutupdogg Says:

    go to snowshoe, wv…its great there…things for the kids to do…not a long distnce…my one time home years ago…really beautiful and both affordable and expensive accommodations

  7. Brian Says:

    I’d say St. Louis, but since that isn’t an option, I’d probably pick Chattanooga. Chatt is supposed to have a great aquarium and Lookout Mountain is nice. From their official website:

    Chattanooga offers visitors an exciting and affordable vacation destination chock full of adventures. Indoors and outdoors, there’s something for everyone.

    See – outdoorsy stuff for J and urban stuff for you!!

  8. Alyson Says:

    @ wutupdogg: Sounds interesting. Will check it out. (although I am in the far western part of Ky, so it may be a trek for usO

    @ Brian: So funny you mentioned that, as we pretty much decided on Chattanooga just about an hour ago. We found a cabin at a campground for $55 a night! They have a pool and wifi, a go cart track, and a cave at the campground, and since we’re (hopefully) getting a cabin I won’t have to pack up all that damn camping stuff.

  9. Mike Says:

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