Ahoy There Me Grandpa

December 1, 2008

My dad has been spending alot of time with karate boy and sir sweats alot since his retirement.  This is mainly due to the fact that he and my mother are paying for and transporting karate boy to his karate lessons 3 times a week, however, he also makes an excellent sitter when I am in a bind. 

Friday found the boys in the care of grandpa, and as part of their fun they were puttering around in “Daddy D’s” shop, which is the catchall for all the crap that my mom and dad cannot, or sometimes will not, fit in the house.  Among the clutter is 3 or so old trunks that my dad has inherited from various ancestors, one of which has a rounded top and is ornately decorated with black and gold horozontal stripes.  Upon karate boy’s keen observation of these antiques he asked, “Daddy D, you have alot of treasure chests around here, did you used to be a pirate?”

The boys and grandpa have a tradition on karate days.  They either go to Burger King and eat after class, or they go to the local Speedway convenience store for powdered dougnuts and frozen cokes.  Therefore, later that afternoon, when coming home from karate, sans little brother, karate boy asked Daddy D if they could go to Burger King.  He replied that he didn’t have alot of money with him, so it would have to be a Speedway day.  Karate boy replied very matter of factly, “It’s a good thing sir sweats alot isn’t with us then…..”

He definitely keeps me laughing.


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