Holy Crap, A Post

November 4, 2008

I know it’s been a while.  Things are still crazy.  I don’t know how to organize this post, or even where it’s going, so I’ll use the Blogbits format.

Birthday:  Karate Boy reminded me last Thursday that, “tomorrow is the thirty oneth, and you’ll be thirty one”.  It was adorable.  I had an okay birthday.  I didn’t have to work, and got paid not to (more on that later), so all in all it was a good day.

Annual Leave?:  I recently discovered that I have earned about 60 hours of vacation time during my duration at my new job, which I will lose after a year if I don’t use it.  Therefore, when my schedule came out for last week and I wasn’t originally scheduled for last Friday or Saturday, I decided to take advantage of my vacation and take those days off, lest I be sent to another office far away and not get to take my kids trick or treating.  I worked at my old job for 10 years and didn’t get any vacation, so it is both wonderful and mind boggling that I got paid to NOT go to work for 2 days.  Also, it was my first days off in 3 months, so it was well deserved!

Trick or Churching:  I always vowed that I would not be that parent, the one that took her kids to a church function on Halloween rather than taking them door to door to the senior citizens that look so forward to their visits.  Well……….you do what you gotta do to make your kids happy, and after going to several homes my oldest wanted nothing more than to go to the local megachurch’s fall festival where all his kindergarten friends, and teachers, were going to be.  So, we went, and the boys had a blast, and I’ve had some explaining to do to the members of our church who were left out. 

Pain:  Unfortunately, my scoliosis reared it’s ugly head the moment my mini vacation started.  I was in intense pain until yesterday morning when I finally got in to my chiropractor.  It was honestly the worst pain of my life, and I’ve had 2 c-sections.

Retreat:  I attended my annual women’s retreat Saturday and Sunday, and had as good a time as I could considering the above.  I spent alot of time lamaze breathing through my pain, or either puking or sleeping from the amount of pain medication I was taking.  It still beats work!


5 Responses to “Holy Crap, A Post”

  1. bluesuit12 Says:

    I was beginning to wonder where you had gone to. Happy Birthday!!! That’s awesome you got some time off but that sucks you weren’t feeling well. That would be my bad luck that the time I take off is when I get sick. I remember in school I would somehow only get sick on the weekends and never during the week. I don’t know what that was all about but it wasn’t cool! Glad your kids had fun trick or treating and that you were able to get out to your retreat even with the pain.

  2. Alyson Says:

    Thanks. I’ve missed blogging. Maybe I’ll have more time….yeah right.

  3. Brian Says:

    So sorry about the pain. Alan keeps complaining because you never write anymore, so I’m glad you posted something!

  4. Alyson Says:

    It was definitely horrible, but my miracle worker worked her magic and it’s gone.

    Alan’s really one to talk about neglecting one’s blog. LOL. Just kidding, it’s nice to be missed.

  5. DenzelWlig Says:

    Good morning, Happy day-after-Haloween! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. :D!!

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