The Greater The Grandparent, The Quicker They Cave

September 15, 2008

Due to a death in our sitter’s family last week, Sir Sweats Alot (SSA) spent the day in the care of my mother and father.  They had to go take my grandparents to the doctor, so SSA had no choice but to tag along. 

Upon arriving at the home of his great-grandparents, SSA immediately began asking for a Honey Bun.  Both boys know that Granny always has a generous supply of honey buns from which they partake at each visit.  Plus, she usually sends a few home with them to enjoy the next day. 

“I want Honey Bun”, he announced upon arriving. 

“No”, replied my mom, “you don’t need one, they’re not healthy”.  (My mom is one of those people who, although not the epitome of healthy living herself, thinks everyone else should be, unless of course she fixes a dessert or unhealthy meal, then you are expected to eat up). 

Time passes, and mom, dad and grandpa go off to run an errand, leaving SSA in the care of his (great) Granny. 

“Dranny, I want honey bun”, he proclaimed as soon as my mom exited.

“Honey, your maw maw said no”, Granny replied.

“But Dranny, I want a honey bun”. 

Of course he got his honey bun.  When he finished Granny very carefully hid the evidence and thought the whole incident would be their little secret.  That is until my mom got back, and upon seeing her enter, SSA looked at her and said:

“Nah Nah Nah boo Boo, I dot a honey bun”.


4 Responses to “The Greater The Grandparent, The Quicker They Cave”

  1. romi41 Says:

    that’s very true, except from my older relatives the only booty I scored were those hard lemon candies that were SO old, parts of the wrapper would get stuck to them…but it was sugar and I was a kid, so I guess that was good enough 😉

  2. bluesuit12 Says:

    My grandparents all passed away when I was pretty young but I can imagine they might have been like this. I love his response to your mom!

  3. Red Says:

    aaaaaaaaahahhaahaaa! toooo funny.
    kids are hilarious.

    nannaanana booboooooo !

  4. Alyson Says:

    @ romi: LOL. I remember those. Those seemed to be the only kinds of candy my relatives had too.

    @ bluesuit: Thanks. I thought it was hilarious.

    @ Red: They are. Good to see ya!

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