Drama On The Playground

September 5, 2008

The Karate Kid has been in school for about a month now.  He was fortunate enough to start kindergarten with an established group of friends, and even a “girlfriend” “Michelle”, from church, who is in the other Kindergarten class. 

We have known Michelle and her family for about 3 years now.  She’s 5, and the words that best describe her are sassy and bossy.  About a year ago, Michelle bluntly informed my son, “Karate Kid, you’re my boyfriend” one Sunday morning on the church playground.  He really didn’t want to be her boyfriend, but Michelle spoke it, and so it was, and still is.

He used to be mortified by his relationship status, and denied any romantic involvement, however, a few months ago I witnessed firsthand him fetching Michelle’s strappy sandals, as per her request, and helping her manage a difficult buckle. 

He beamed when his girlfriend bragged on him by saying, “That’s why I like you karate kid, because you’re so nice”.  Since that moment he has been head over heels for her.  A week or so after the shoe incident, Michelle informed me that she and karate kid will be getting married when they are 13, and they planned their future. 

Her little plan might have worked too, if not for kindergarten, and it’s plethora of new friends. 

One such new friend is a girl by the name of Laken, who Karate Kid has taken a keen interest in.  Acouple of weeks ago I asked my son the routine question, “who did you play with at recess?”. 

His standard reply, up to this point, had been the names of 2 or 3 other boys, and a couple of girls, including Michelle.  I had heard tales from his freind Glen about karate kid and Michelle holding hands on the playground, and it, “being gross”.  Karate kid had also told me that Michelle had opted for playing with the boys, rather than doing girly things with the girls, in order that she and karate kid could see each other.  So, when he answered, “Laken”, his response caught me off gaurd.

“What about Michelle?” I asked, “Did she play with you and Laken too?”

“No” he said.

“Does she not like Laken?” I inquired.

“Well, she came over to us, looked at Laken, and said, “Hmph…….” and stomped off, so I asked her if she was still my girlfriend and she said no, but later we got back together.”

I shudder to think what high school will bring.


7 Responses to “Drama On The Playground”

  1. Oddly, situations like that are a huge part about what I remember about elementary school. Things were good before those “puberty years” hit!

    Nice guys with oddly disproportionate adam’s apples in their throats don’t have girls wanting to hold their hands.

  2. Alyson Says:

    I agree. Elementary school was the best. Nobody judges you by your clique or clothes in kindergarten.

  3. Red Says:

    hah! how sweet. it starts early, it really does.
    babydoll has a boyfriend this year. they’re in 4th grade. i asked her how she went about getting this boyfriend. “i told him he was my boyfriend.” was her response.
    he carries her bookbag everyday to the bus. good boy.

  4. Alyson Says:

    Babydoll sounds alot like Michelle. Smart girl having him pack her book-bags.

  5. Brian Says:

    How cute! This story brings back lots of memories from my childhood.

  6. bluesuit12 Says:

    Cute and funny. If only relationships were that simple in real life.

  7. alyson Says:

    @ Brian: Me too. I remember playing with my “boyfriends” on the playground too.

    @ bluesuit: Thanks. I agree. I think alot of things would be simpler if we acted like children.

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