Let’s Get It On(e): A Story 4 Years In The Making

August 18, 2008

 About 4 years ago, the Nashville Star tour made a stop near us.  On a whim, J and I went to the show, and afterwards, met the performers at the meet & greet.   Witnessing the southern charm of Season 2 winner, Brad Cotter, firsthand made me an instant fan. 

In the 3 months following our first Cotter concert I attended 2 more live performances, and commented on his message board frequently.  I was even fortunate enough to befriend and eventually meet some amazing people through the messageboard, one of which was a feisty young lady named Juanita.  She and I talked via the boards for some time, and we discovered that we were to be attending the same show.  We exchanged phone numbers, and made plans to meet up before the show. 

Days before our meet-up, I started a thread on the board asking other fans what songs that they would like to see Brad cover in a live show.  Juanita jokingly stated that she would love to hear him sing, “Let’s Get It On”, only she mistyped it as, “Let’s Get It One”.  It just so happened that I checked that thread at Brian’s house one night, when J and I had gone over there to play dominoes.  Brian saw the typo, and ran with it, singing, “Let’s Get It One”, in his best white boy Marvin Gaye voice all night long.  During the course of our dominoe game, Jess ran out of moves, and he had a one at the end of his train.  Never missing a beat, Brian once again channeled Marvin Gay and sang, “Jess needs a one”.  I nearly peed my pants laughing, and that incident has stuck with me for years. 

Last Friday night, J and I made a 2 hour road trip to see Brad perform at the Christopher, IL town homecoming.  It was my first Brad show in over a year, and I was elated.  Our schedule was tight, and we opted for a dinner consisting of drive thru McDonalds in order to make it to the show on time.  I forgot the directions, as well as our lawn chairs, which were a must for the outdoor show.  Luckily, we mentally remembered the directions, and fixed the lawn chair catastrophe with a quick stop at a farm store, making us arrive at the venue a mere 4 minutes before the scheduled 8 pm start time.

Upon arriving, I was disapointed with where we would have to sit, but it was our fate, as we couldn’t have possibly arrived any sooner.  Fortunately for us, they opened another seating area right in front of the stage as we arrived.  Whilst everyone else was gathering their belongings and chairs, we already had ours packed and were able to make our way front and center. 

Brad put on a stellar show, as he always does, playing both accoustically, and with a live band, and performing a wide array of his own music, as well as many cover songs.  I was thrilled to hear his renditions of everything from Willie Nelson songs, to Edwin McCain’s, “I’ll Be”, and even the gospel hymn, “The Lighthouse”. 

My curiosity was peaked when Brad introduced one of his acousitc songs by saying, “I never sing this song in front of anybody, but I just feel led to do this.” He played a few chords, then broke into the lyric, “I’ve been really trying baby………..”  That’s right folks, “Let’s Get It On”, or “Let’s Get It One”, whichever you prefer.  I may or may not have bootleg video of this performance, I’ll never tell.  What I will tell is this:   I have never wished for Juanita’s phone number more. 

Following the show, we were able to talk to Brad for a few minutes.  I bought me a new BC tee shirt, and due to my weight loss, this one only has 1 X in front of the L.  I was going to post a pic of me and Brad here, but it turned out horrible.  We were talking to each other, and posed mid-conversation and we both look like we are in terrible pain.  I’ll spare you.

All in all, the trip was just what I and we (as in J and I) needed.  With all the chaos going on at home, it was nice to get away, if only for a few hours. 

Following Mr. Cotter’s orders, we did, “Get It On”, later that evening.  Who knew that drive thru Mickey D’s and a free concert could be so romantic.


7 Responses to “Let’s Get It On(e): A Story 4 Years In The Making”

  1. Brian Says:

    LOL! You have a stellar memory because I had already forgotten about singing that. Apparently I’m witty and forgetful.

    Sounds like you had a great time!!

  2. Alyson Says:

    LOL. I know I forget things like that too, and it seems to be getting worse. The past few years feel like a blur.

    We did have a wonderful time. I feel better now than I have in the last few weeks.

  3. bluesuit12 Says:

    Sounds like an awesome night and just what you needed! I didn’t realize Nashville Star had been on that long. I’ve never watched it but I thought it was only in it’s second season. So much for what I know I guess. Glad to hear you had such a great time.

  4. Alyson Says:

    It was great. The show has been on for 6 seasons, but I have really lost interest in the last couple of years.

  5. ashley Says:

    how fun for you! it’s always so fun when things like that happen!

  6. Red Says:

    awesome! sounds like a good time !

  7. alyson Says:

    @ Ashley: It was an amazing show. Brad is my second favorite performer.

    @ Red: It was. Just what we needed.

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