Tall Tale

June 14, 2008

Last Friday, in the absence of our regular sitter, my parents filled in.  My dad brought up the idea to take the kids on a little road trip to run some errands, then reward them with lunch at Chuck E. Cheese afterward. 

You would have to know my dad to know what a crazy idea this is.  He doesen’t do Chuck E Cheese’s, or lots of kids, and really he prefers to just stay home. 

On Sunday after the excursion, my oldest was telling my sister that “Daddy D” (grandpa) took him to Chuck E Cheese. 

“He hardly ever took your mommy and I there”, she replied.

My son picked up on her miffed tone of voice and added:

“Yeah, and then after we ate there, he took me to the mall and bought me lots and lots of toys, maybe he just likes me more than he did you.”

Did he get any new toys?  No.  He didn’t even get anything with his tickets, because after a little while in Chuck E Cheese’s, my parents were ready to get the hell out, but it was very entertaining to watch his tale grow to epic porportions just to one-up his aunt. 




4 Responses to “Tall Tale”

  1. Brian Says:

    Your kids are beyond witty, but I think they got it pretty honest! 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    Sweet. Grandkids can get away with murder.

  3. Alyson Says:

    They definitely get away with more than their parents did.

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