Woman On The Verge

May 10, 2008

Today, I had a rare Saturday off.  In fact, it was the fist one since I took the job.  We spent it taking the kids to get haircuts, going to the library, out to eat, visiting my grandparents, and doing a little shopping.

The husband is still having headaches.  He’s had a headache for over 3 weeks now, and his doctor, in her infinite wisdom, decided to put him off work until they can figure out what’s wrong.  They still haven’t found out what’s wrong. 

 As if going through a multitude of tests, medicines, and doctor’s visits without health insurance isn’t enough, now we’re doing it on one income, mine, which can be sometimes sporadic. 

The hubby can’t even watch the kids while I work to save us a little on childcare because of the pain, and the fact that even the smallest thing sets him off nowdays.  ANYTHING.

So today, when he cursed at me, using the 2 worst words, in the middle of a public place, it was my turn to blow my top.  I informed him that he probably has a brain tumor, because he’s like Jekkyl and Hyde, and to keep throwing that F-bomb around, because that’s the only f-ing that’s going to be going on between the 2 of us.   

I guess everything’s just getting to me, my work situation, his medical situation, the economy, everything.  If it weren’t for the boys, I don’t know if we would make it through this still married.

Wow!  I need one of Moonbeam’s depression alerts on this thing.

2 Responses to “Woman On The Verge”

  1. Red Says:

    You wrote this 2 days ago ..

    Im hoping that things are somewhat better for you today. Could the headaches be linked to the diabetes?

  2. Alyson Says:

    Things are getting better. I guess I was just still upset when I wrote this.

    He had a cat scan today, so maybe they can figure something from that…….

    He still hurts, but is going back to work tomorrow.

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