Bon Jovi In Nashville

April 28, 2008

The guys were wonderful Thursday night in Nashville, as ususal. 

Our seats were located stage right, near the rear of the arena, on the second row of the risers.  Relative to most of the seats in the arena, they were fabulous, however for an avid fan like myself, nothing short of front row is close enough to Bon Jovi. 

The show kicked off with Daughtry, and they were amazing.  I had alot of patience for them, which is unusual for me in regards to a Bon Jovi opening act.  I espically loved their ability to throw in pieces of other songs into their songs, such as starting their song “Home” with the intro to Motley Crue’s, “Home Sweet Home”.  They also inserted part of Johnny Cash’s, “I Walk The Line”, into one of their songs. 

During the intermission between bands, I was plesantly surprised to see a familiar face in the crowd.  Matt, little bro of Jon, was walking around on the floor level near our seats.  (I am not a stalker, I recognized him from the biography-type shows he is often interviewed on.)  He stopped to talk to someone, standing right in front of us for a few minutes.  Sadly, that was as close as I would get to a real-live Bongiovi that night. 

The guys finally appeared and rocked the following setlist:


I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD w/ Gimme Some Lovin’ & Start Me Up
WE GOT IT GOIN’ ON w/ Big & Rich


After my last Big & Rich encounter, I’m not really a fan, however I did get a laugh when Jon told Big Kenny that he had that same jacket……… 1987.  I didn’t manage to score any good pics, but you can see it here.

I was also plesantly surprised to get to see and hear Leann Rimes, but I do wish she would wear more clothes. 

The setup was very neat.  There were 4 screens, flashing images of the guys, and they would sometimes come together to form one big screen.  It was very cool, although I missed the usual huge Jumbotron for getting pics.  With the 4 smaller screens switching images so sporadically, it was hard to get good pics of what you wanted before something else appeared.  Judging from my pics, one would think that I am a huge fan of Richie’s crotch.  Here are a few of the better images I managed to score. 

1 Johnny is good, but 4 is not bad either:


One thing I despise about Bon Jovi shows is that, over the past few tours, Jon has taken a break and allowed Richie to sing vocals on their hit, “I’ll Be There For You”, which is one of my absolute favorite Bon Jovi songs.  I think that song should be performed the way it was originally recorded, the way it was made a hit, the way God intended it to be performed, with Jon singing it.  Please don’t accuse me of being a Richie hater, I have all his solo stuff and love it.  I would love to hear it incorporated into the band’s live show.  I’m not opposed to Richie’s singing, I would just prefer him to stick to his own songs. 

Following the solo, Jon reappeared, in the midst of the crowd about one section over from where we were.  He had changed from that boring black vest, and was smokin’ hot in a red shirt.  Had I been with another adult, rather than a child, I would’ve been able to get closer, however I did manage to get some good pics when Jon was near us, including this one:

Notice all the happy female faces in the foreground. 

And just when I thought he couldn’t possibly get any hotter, he changed into a blue one for the encore.  I don’t know which one I like better.

But all good things must come to an end, and after a way too short 2 song encore, the guys said goodbye to Nashville, leaving the packed house wanting more.

My little cousin loved the show, but only the Daughtry part.  He sat in his seat appearing bored out of his mind during Bon Jovi.  Maybe I didn’t get a convert, but you can’t blame me for trying.






21 Responses to “Bon Jovi In Nashville”

  1. Brian Says:

    AWESOME post! Your pictures turned out really well and you did a great job describing the evening.

  2. Joy Says:

    thanks for the review–I have been a Bon Jovi fan since the 80’s, but have never seen them in concert until Nashville Thursday. They were totally amazing and I’m now ready to travel the world catching as many concerts as I can. My 80’s crush on Jon is back!!

  3. Alyson Says:

    @ Brian: Thanks! It was awesome as usual. I just wish they would play somewhere else closer this tour.

    @ Joy: Thanks for the comment. It is my life’s ambition to travel the world following Bon Jovi. I’ve had my crush on Jon since I was 11 (I’m 30 now). I tell my husband that Bon Jovi has been in my life longer than he has.

    Are you from the Nashville area?

  4. bluesuit12 Says:

    Awsome post! I loved the pics and description of the show. And I’m with you, I’ll Be There For You is one of my favorite songs of theirs and I wouldn’t want Richie singing it either. It bugs me when performers don’t play their songs the way they were originally written – the way that made them popular! Or on a popular song when they stop singing and let the audience carry it. Uh, didn’t pay money to hear the drunk guy next to me still sporting the mullett sing.

  5. Alyson Says:

    Me too. Bon Jovi does that, letting the crowd sing the whole first verse and chorus of “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. It does kinda irk me.

  6. Red Says:

    Wonderful post, as usual Alyson!
    Thanks for the pics and the review. So glad yall had a great time .. even if little cousin was a bit bored. (maybe even a bit tired?)

  7. Alyson Says:

    I’m sure he was tired. It was a school night after all!

  8. simplypink Says:

    Great recap, I feel like I was there. Except I’m not hoarse. hehe! 🙂

  9. Alyson Says:

    LOL. I was definitley feeling it in my throat for a few days afterwards. (heh, heh, that sounds kinda dirty)

  10. Pammy Girl Says:

    So about 2 hours ago I’m driving down the Santa Monica Boulevard and I see this orange Viper and thought, “Interesting vehicle. I wonder what type of person drives that. Oh, it must be a Canadian.” (the plates were from Ontario). Being the smooth person that I am, I took a look and recognized the man with the most amazing hair in the 80s. Yes, it was Jon Bonjovi. Did I have my camera with me? No. So I did the next best thing: I kept staring until he could feel me. He turned slightly, had a nervous smile, and gunned it. Yeah me.

  11. Alyson Says:

    OMG! I don’t even know what to say. You’re my hero!

  12. ashley Says:

    So, maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but I saw Jon up close and personal twice in Nashville. We had friends who were staying in the Hermitage Hotel (where the band happened to be staying). We had plans to meet them there for drinks at 4. So we go to the bar and order our drinks and about 3 minutes later, guess who comes walking out of the next room? JBJ HIMSELF!! We were totally shocked. He had been in there the whole time doing an interview! I just froze and stared. He was on the phone, so we didn’t ask for a picture or autograph or anything, just stared as he walked by. He brushed my table. I could have touched any part of him that I wanted to! OMG! Then at the concert I had 11th row Richie’s side and I brought a banner asking for “Hey God” and Jon noticed it (but didn’t play it….grr!). AFTER the show, we were standing around trying to decide where to go. Someone had “inside information” that the band was going to head to Blue Bar (which was close to our hotel), but we figured it would be packed, so we just went to the Hilton bar that’s right across the street from Sommet. We were feeling pretty good after a couple drinks (“it’s gettin’ loud over there, the boys must’ve had a few….”–LOL) and I suggested we go to the bar down the street and ride the mechanical bull! Everybody thought that was a great idea, so we paid and headed out (it was almost 1am by now!). We’re walking down Broadway and I’m just looking around and I see people hanging out a balcony so I glance up and who do I see? JON! I start thinking I must be way more drunk that I was thinking I was if I’m seeing Jon Bon Jovi! So I stop in my tracks and look up and make my eyes focus and if WAS Jon!!! I couldn’t believe it! He was standing there talking to John Rich! He was smoking a cigarette and in a deep conversation (he was waving his arms around like a crazy person–it was so cute!). Being a little tipsy, I waved…but he wasn’t looking down. We stood there for a minute, contemplating whether or not we should yell up at him and take pictures or just keep walking. We decided to be nice, respectful fans instead of crazy, stalker fans, so we just kept walking. By the time we got to the bar the bull was closed, so we had no choice but to walk back down Broadway (and pass Jon again). This time, there was a group of ladies standing under the balcony taking pictures and videos. When we saw that, we were really glad that we hadn’t done the same thing because they looked like jerks. We were glad we left him alone and let him have his private time. When we got back to the hotel room, we just stayed up and talked about everything for hours, like silly teenagers! That was such a great night!!!!!

  13. Alyson Says:

    WOW! You are so lucky. I never know where to go, even in Nashville. I just had enough time for a quick trip.

  14. Alyson Says:

    Oh, and I admire your willpower for not, “touching any part of him that you wanted to”.

  15. ashley Says:

    I was too stunned. Totally frozen. The funny thing about my sightings is that both times, if we had tried to meet him, we would have missed him! We got to the Hermitage Hotel and talked about waiting in the lobby for a few minutes to see if anybody walked by before heading down to the bar, but decided against it and saw Jon! Then, if we had gone to Blue Bar where the “inside information” told us we should go, we wouldn’t have seen him again! It’s just like everyone says–total chance!

  16. Alyson Says:

    You got very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. I’m sure I would’ve done the same thing. I’m happy for ya, and wish I would’ve been with you!

  17. Taha Says:

    Clicked on this site about a ped-egg and wind up finding someone that loves Bon Jovi! What a nice surprise! I’ll be there for you is one of my favorite songs too, but Richie has my blessings when singing that song. He has been through so much loss in his life lately. You know that it is directed twards his father, Adam, that he lost to cancer, his ex-wife, Heather and his ex-girlfriend, Denise. The words mean a lot to him. I cry every time I see him sing that song!

  18. Alyson Says:

    Yes, I definitely love Bon Jovi.

    I do feel bad for Richie, for all the trauma he’s experienced in the past few years, but I still prefer hearing some Jon on my fave song.

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