I Got No Power Window*

March 29, 2008

You know what sucks.  When the motor on your vehicle’s power window goes out with the window halfway down.  It happened to me the other day, then a few hours later I tried to put it up, and miraculously, it went up.  I vowed to stop using it immediately, to spare myself from a relapse.

Well, I forget easily, and history repeated itself multiple times.  Sometimes at the McDonald’s drive thru, sometimes at the ATM, once when someone ripped a particularly rank one, and again when crossing a railroad track where the lights were flashing and no train was in sight.  Each time my window went down, but not up again for several hours, resulting in me having to drive to my destination with the window down in the bitter March cold.  Each time I bartered with fate, vowing to never roll the window down again if it would just go up.  I was overjoyed each time it did go up, and quickly forgot about my promise to fate.  

Yesterday was particularly cold, and I had to drive to and from work, freezing my arse off.  It was bad, but I think I finally learned my lesson, as I did not try to roll it down today.  I should really probably go cover the switch with some duct tape or something. 

*Brownie points to anyone (except Brian) who can tell me the artist and song I stole my post title from.


7 Responses to “I Got No Power Window*”

  1. Matt Says:

    I love this! We have a company car at work with this problem. We had to put tape over the button so no one would forget and roll it back down!

  2. Alyson Says:

    It’s so easy to forget. I did it again this morning on the way to church. The window was foggy, and I didn’t think about the window problem until it was too late. It finally went back up after church, but it rained the entire 2 hours I was there. Argh….

  3. Allison Says:

    I can’t believe Matt didn’t know the musical artist reference. He’s a music trivia genius. I have no idea, but statistically speaking based on you Bon Jovi infatuation…that is my guess.

  4. romi41 Says:

    Hahaha….I don’t know the song, but I’m glad you were able to open the window in time to save yourself from whoever ripped the “particularly rank one” 😉

  5. Alyson Says:

    @ Allison: Good guess, but incorrect, although JBJ did produce the album, and it was released on his label.

    @ Romi: Don’t feel bad, it’s pretty obscure. And, I believe I was the guilty party on the rank one. LOL.

  6. That happened to me back in college. At that time, it was a $40 repair. I was a poor college student and DID not have the bucks, but the window would NOT move and I was out of town and couldn’t lock the car – in a hotel parking lot. (it’s just an electronic switch)

  7. Alyson Says:

    I guess inflation changes everything. The part we need alone is $150. We are able to get it back up, eventually, so for now I’m just not using it.

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