Big Blunder

March 28, 2008

Disclaimer:  In writing this post, I am fully aware that I may alienate many of you, and possibly cause you to think less of me, for the smut I watch on TV, but it’s a chance I have to take, as this topic is driving me CRAZY.

Dear (past present and future) Big Brother Houseguests:

While God does care about you as individuals, he does not care who wins Big Brother.  There are real problems in the world, like hunger, disease, poverty and war.



Every season there is someone on Big Brother who is convinced that they are getting help from above in regards to their game play. 

I don’t mind it so much when the contestant acts like a Christian most of the time, as Jason did so well during season 3.  However, this season’s resident Bible thumper, Natalie, is giving Christianity a bad name.  (Shot throught the heart, and she’s to blame……………sorry, couldn’t help it)

Nat is a big (fake) boobied bikini barista with aspirations to be a model/actress.  As of lately, she has taken to professing her love for God, telling the other houseguests that God will punish them for their actions, and when wronged by her housemates, asking God if “he’s seeing this”.  Yes Natalie, “he’s seeing this…..”, that’s what he does.  Even my 5 year old knows that.  

If being preached to by someone that sells “coffee” whilst half naked isn’t enough, no BB episode is complete without having a blur over her breasts, leading me to believe she isn’t shy about flaunting them for her housemates.  Nat also professed earlier in the season to having had 2 abortions.  There is youtube video of her entertaining some of the other girls by showing them how she can lactate from one of her breasts, supposedly a side effect of one of her abortions.  Additionally, she allegedly gave one of the guys a blow job during their first 48 hours.   

During on of her Bible thumpin’ speeches, one of her housemates asked how long she had been a Christian, and where the abortion thing fit in with her beliefs.  She proclaimed that she has been a Christian for, “a long time”, and incinuated that she was a Christian when she had her abortions, saying that she simply asked for forgiveness after having them.   Yeah, cause that’s how it works.

Christians aren’t perfect, and I’m thankful that there aren’t cameras on me 24/7, but it scares me to think that she may be the only glimpse of religion that some people see. 


2 Responses to “Big Blunder”

  1. My son and I watch a lot of sports on television and I get a kick about all of the people who think that God cares who wins the Superbowl.

    He might…I just have a hard time believing it!

  2. Alyson Says:

    I’ve always thought that was funny too.

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