The Elusive JBJ Biography

February 4, 2008

Disclaimer:  I promise to one day write a non-Jovi post, however, today is not the day. 

My mom is one of 3 childern and the only daughter, so as my grandparents age, much of the responsibility falls on her.  She works part-time, and most of her days off are spent running errands for her parents, or watching my kids.  Therefore, when she mentioned my Granny’s need to go to Wal-Mart in another town to get some quilting supplies that are not available locally, I volunteered to take them. 

For those of you who have never taken a couple of easily confused elderly people on an errand, allow me to explain.  It’s like taking 2 more children, only worse because you can’t physically strap an old lady in the cart, or threaten her with not being able to ride a ride or get an icee, nor can you tell gramps that you’ll bust his butt or take away his Disney channel if he doesn’t behave.  Factor in that our trip occurred on the first Saturday afternoon of the month, typically Wal-Mart’s busiest time, and it’s a recipe for disaster. 

The trip got started off on the wrong foot right off the bat.  Granny thought that I said I would be there at 10:00 am, so when I arrived at 1:30 pm, she was pretty unhappy.  (See what I mean about being easily confused?) 

I was aprehensive about the trip, due to the nature of our last outing a couple of years ago.  On that occasion we got seperated at a Sam’s Club, and every time I would find one of my grandparents, I would lose the other one.  I was exhausted by the time we got done.  Luckily, this trip went much better, with Granny spending all her time in the fabric department, and Grandpa taking up residence on the bench in the front of the store. 

I even managed to pick up some items for myself.  I needed the essentials, like soda, hair color, and a foam sword for the youngest.  I also browsed through the music section and found a DVD of Bon Jovi’s, “Lost Highway” concert that recently aired on A & E.  At first I wasn’t going to buy it, mainly because I taped it on VHS when it aired, but I decided to go ahead and get it.

Once I took the grandparent’s off at their home, and installed my granny’s new shower curtain, J picked me up and we headed to my sister’s house for dinner.  She had offered to keep the boys overnight, and J was going to a basketball game with my dad, so I was looking forward to an evening alone with my new DVD.  I was putting it in my purse, so it wouldn’t get left anywhere accidentally, when I noticed the sticker on the front of the DVD.  “Wal-Mart exclusive, includes A & E Biography: Jon Bon Jovi”. 

I was estatic.  When the biography first premired in 2002, we didn’t have cable (or satellite, or anything), so I missed it.  Every additional time it has aired I have managed to not be aware of it’s airing.  When I do know it’s coming on, it’s on the Biography Channel, which we do not get.  Once I tried to get my mom to tape it for me on the Biography Channel, but she is incapable of working her VCR.  I had given up on EVER seeing the Biography. 

I rushed through dinner, helped my sis settle the boys in, then high-tailed it home to watch my Biography.  Alone.  It was an updated version, as it had information from 2007.  It was wonderful.  Of course it didn’t have anything in it that I didn’t already know, but I still watched it in awe. 

Then J got home, and I told him I had just gotten home, and implied that I hadn’t gotten to watch it yet, so I watched it again, only this time I had to listen to his snide comments.  I liked it better the first time.

6 Responses to “The Elusive JBJ Biography”

  1. simplypink Says:

    Wow! I haven’t seen that one in WM. I’ll have to look for it….tomorrow! I try not to talk about him too, because I think people get sick of reading it. 🙂

  2. Alyson Says:

    I was thrilled to find it.

    I was on a major BJ roll last week, and judging from my stats, it turned alot of people off. LOL.

  3. simplypink Says:

    I do that. I know people get sick of hearing it. Yeah, the girl that Jon delivered pizza to? I hated her as that segment aired. I would have died.over.dead!

  4. alyson Says:

    We should start our own Bon Jovi blog. LOL.

  5. simplypink Says:

    Yes, but we would be our only readers.

  6. Alyson Says:

    Yeah, and since wordpress doesn’t count your own visits, our chart would be a flatline. LOL.

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