Sweetheart Survey

February 3, 2008

 Alison and Matt came up with this survey for Valentine’s day.  I added # 15.

If you want to participate, please do so, I would love to see your answers. 

1. Describe your favorite romantic/love scene from a movie. 

I’m not really a love scene kinda person, but I love Dirty Dancing, and am espically fond of the log scene.

2. What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience?

2004, Valentine’s day was on a Saturday, and my husband invited his sister and her family, along with his daughter and her collicy infant over for dinner.  (Actually they may have invited themselves, but still…..)  I ended up cooking dinner, dealing with inlaws and 2 small children, then later realized that, as that was a leap year and we worked seperate shifts, that that would be the last time we could spend Valentine’s Day together for the next 5 years. 

3. What is your favorite restaurant for a Valentine’s dinner out?

There is a local grill nearby that is probably my favorite place to eat, but being as we rarely get to go out to dinner alone, I would be happy with anywhere that doesn’t have a ball pit or tokens. 

4. List a hot/romantic line from a song that you like.

  The first time I saw you, it felt like coming home

If I never told you, I just want you to know

You had me from hello

Bon Jovi, “You Had Me From Hello”  (did you expect anything less)

5. What is the cheesiest aspect of Valentine’s Day?

 Really, it’s all pretty cheesy and market-driven.  I don’t need to spend $5 on a card to tell my spouse or children I love them, I do it every day.  

6. Did you have any elementary school traditions for Valentine’s Day?

We had a party and handed out Valentine’s that were carefully placed in each other’s “Valentine’s Box” which was usually a homeade theme-decorated shoebox.  We also had a contest to see who had the prettiest Valentine’s box.

7. What fictional character do you have a crush on and why?

Robin Grange, Jon Bon Jovi’s character in the movie, “The Leading Man”.  Jon looked his best during this period, and played a womainzer. 

8. How old were you when you had your first, real kiss?  Was it good or bad?

13 or 14.  It wasn’t very good. 

9. Describe the most uncomfortable crush someone has had on you.

When I worked at a restaurant, the owner used to bring his neighbor kid in to bus tables.  I was 19 and the kid was 12, and he had a huge crush on me.  I bought me stuff and sent me flowers and stuff like that. 

10. How long did your first heartbreak last?

One spring day in 1989, the world stopped turning, as I suffered the worse heartbreak I had experienced in my 11 years on earth.  That was the day that I heard the news that Jon Bon Jovi had gotten married.  I’m still not over it, so almost 19 years and counting. 

11. Do you prefer to give/receive:  a) jewelry  b) chocolate  c) lingerie  d) tools

A or B.  D if I can get the hubby to use them to fix something for me.

12. If you are male, do you prefer Mary Ann or Ginger?  If you are female, do you prefer McDreamy or McSteamy?

McDreamy, but I’m not really a Grey’s fan, so, McJovi?

13. Would you rather be broken up with by: a) phone  b) text message  c) in person  d) email  e) carrier pigeon

C………Do it like a man.

14. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy? 

Probably chocolate, but I do like yellow conversation hearts.

15.  What was you best Valentine’s Day?

2003 and 2006 when I got to spend both of those Valentine’s Days with Bon Jovi and my husband in Nashville. 


5 Responses to “Sweetheart Survey”

  1. Red Says:

    McJovi .. hahaaa!

  2. romi41 Says:

    Holy crap, you are certainly mclovin’ the Jovi, hahaha 🙂

    Well 19 years and counting, but you never know, he might get bored of the wifey, so keep hoping! 😉

  3. Alyson Says:

    I was really in a Jovi mood when I typed those answers. I had some other Jovi-oriented ones, but refrained from answering every question that way.

  4. Allison Says:

    I can’t remember the last time we actually bought each other store cards…I’d rather have a homemade card any day of the mushy Hallmark cards.

  5. Alyson Says:

    That is very sweet. Unfortunately, we always buy cards, but that’s all.

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