It Worked!

January 24, 2008

I got 4 rather large pieces of furniture moved last night, all for the purpose of making room for the weight bench.  There’s still some work and heavy lifting to go, but soon we will have a bit of a home gym thing going on in our den with a second-hand treadmill (which still needs to be fixed) and a weight bench.  Yay!

 There was one mishap in the whole moving process though.  When I got home yesterday someone had called from the main office of my new job, and left a message requesting my witholding information.   Upon hearing this message, I could only jump for joy, thinking, holy crap, it’s real!  I really have a new job!  I started writing down the phone number to call the person back, but didn’t get all of it.   I thought I would just replay the message later and write down the infomation. 

Well…….The answering machine sort of got unplugged in all the moving mayhem.  And it’s digital, meaning when it loses power it also loses messages.  I decided that the only option I had would be to call the local supervisor and ask him for the number.  What a way to start my career huh?  Admitting that I am not capable of writing down a phone number.  Fortunately, I had the woman’s name and phone number on the congratulations letter I recieved Saturday, thus allowing me to save a little face.


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