Maybe This’ll Work

January 23, 2008

This past Christmas my husband and I set a $50 spending limit on each other.  When he opened his gifts, I noticed he was disapointed.  I sat in the floor, trying to figure out how I had spent $50 on a calendar, clock, and some secondhand dvd’s.  I could tell he was a tad pissed too, thinking I hadn’t spent what we had agreed on.  I managed to salvage the situation by going into the bedroom and wrapping up the labrador collector plates that I had planned on giving him for his birthday.   

It wasn’t until later in the day, when he pulled out his new binoculars that he got on clearance, that we both remembered that we had agreed that they would be his Christmas present.  I then realized how stupid I was to have forgotten about the “big” gift, and that I would have to find a replacement birthday present. 

His son from a previous marriage asked me if I would go in with him and get J an out-of-state hunting license for Illinios, where the son lives, for J’s birthday.  I agreed.  Problem solved, right?

Then why is it that yesterday, when I left work about 1/2 an hour early, thinking I might possibly use the time to go home and start my post about my current job,  I ended up stopping by Wal-Mart to pick up “a few things”, and 45 minutes and nearly $200 later, I’m running late to pick up the kids, and I have a humongus weight bench taking up much of the room in the van?  Another gift for J, who got double Christmas presents less than a month ago.   

Because, he’s been wanting one for years, and it was on sale, and I have an evil, diabolical plan to make him transfer some stuff from the den to the outside shop to make room for his new toy, that’s why!

Maybe we’ll use the weight bench for something other than collecting laundry, and if not, at least I got my stuff taken to the shop without having to nag.  However it did cost me $50.  (I also got some thermals for the new job, $20 cash, and a $50 gift card for gas for the $200, so it wasn’t all junk)

4 Responses to “Maybe This’ll Work”

  1. Allison Says:

    Wal-mart seems to suck the money right out of your purse…though Target is even more dangerous for me.

    I love it when you buy something with the intent that it will be a Christmas or birthday gift, but it gets used so early that you’ve completely forgotten the intent by the time the big day arrives 🙂

  2. Alyson Says:

    I wish we had a Target nearby. (or maybe I don’t, because I could be dangerous with a credit card).

    It’s frustrating when that happens, maybe I should just keep the gifts under wraps until the big day.

  3. Wendy Says:

    Alyson, do not lose that gas card! 🙂

  4. Alyson Says:

    LOL. I used it immediately afterwards, or else I probably would have.

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