Random Ramblings

December 13, 2007

Red’s House Of Beauty:  Thanks to this post  from Red, I found a use for the dozen or so bottles of rubbing alcohol I inherited from my shopaholic grandma.  I knew I kept that stuff for a reason, and I have recently taken to using it in addition to my soap and water habit, as a nightly cleanser.  You won’t believe the amount of dirt soap and water leaves behind.  I can already tell my skin is improving.  I have way less blackheads on my nose.  My mom refused to buy me stridex pads when I was a teenager, claiming they were just cotton and alcohol.  Turns out she was right.

Lost and Found:  Guess what we found whilst moving furniture to set up the Christmas Tree?  Give up?  The answer is here.  It was too late, I had already purchased the stinkin’ thing for twice the cover price ($5).

Laundry Blues:  Our recent 70 degree weather, made me think it was a good idea to have a rare December fling with my clothesline.  I hung them out Tuesday afternoon, and they are currently still residing on the line, and have been rained on for the last 2 days.  Now I will have to rewash them and dry them in the dryer, causing me to expend double the electrical and physical energy.  Guess I won’t be getting that global warming award I was so looking forward to.  Flings are never a good idea, even with a clothesline.

Scrimp or Splurge?:  Cheer laundry detergent joins Miracle Whip in my personal “splurge” column.  Laundry detergent has been a hot button issue in our household, with my mother so allergic to the lower priced brands that she once refused to watch my children until I bought a different detergent.  Cheer doesn’t bother her, so that had been our detergent of choice.  (Yeah, I know, I’m 30 and still being bossed around by my mommy.  But, I’m a fan of free babysitting, so sue me)  I recently had a moment of temporary insanity on our last trip to Sam’s and bought a monster-sized pail of uber-generic “wind fresh”.   I should’ve known it was a bad choice when, alongside the instructions for cleaning your clothes, it had instructions for how to use it to clean pavement.  The stuff doesn’t even bubble when I throw a scoop of it in the washer, and my clothes are obviously not getting clean.  I intend to buy some Cheer this weekend, and save the Wind Fresh for when I spring clean the porch. 


4 Responses to “Random Ramblings”

  1. Brian Says:

    I love the beauty secrets. I don’t have any kind of regimen (doesn’t that break some gay code of conduct?), but I love the way alcohol or an astringent makes my skin feel.

    I knew you’d find that book eventually!

    We used to use a clothes line when I was a kid. I hated it.

    Detergent is so stinking high! I buy powder, even though I like the liquid better. I usually get Surf in the biggest box, which runs about $12.

    Hilarious post! 😀

  2. Alyson Says:

    LOL. I’m sure working where you do breaks a gay code of conduct too. You’re supposed to be a beautician, or an interior designer.

    We were using Surf, but it’s the one that made mom not be able to breathe when she was around us.

  3. Red Says:

    Glad the alcohol is working for you! It’s worked for me for yearssss!
    And I loooves me some cheap laundry detergent. I dont know about you, with having all sorts of boys around, but I do laundry on a daily basis so I dont buy the “good stuff”. The other day i asked my mother, who was already in town, to pick me up a bottle of detergent. I told her, “Get the cheap stuff. My body doesnt handle the expensive stuff (sarcasm, yes) so only the cheapie please.” She ended up bringing home the expensive stuff, and I assured her that we’d break out in hives and our limbs will fall off because we don’t do the pricey detergent. . . :] but I was thankful anyhow, I was able to do laundry again.
    I loves your rambling lists!!

  4. alyson Says:

    Love the alcohol, but haven’t tried the vaseline. I can’t stand the feel of the stuff, so I use plain old lotion instead.
    Laundry, OMG. I do more laundry than I thought humanly possible. I do 1-2 loads per day. Then there are the sheets, curtains, etc. It never ends. I don’t like buying the good stuff either. So what if it fades our clothes, my kids don’t stay in them long enough anyway.

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