Joke Of The Month

December 13, 2007

If you don’t find this funny, you’re apparantly over the age of 2.  My youngest has been telling this knock knock joke for a solid month, and never seems to tire of it.  

My Baby:  Mommy, Knock Knock

Me:  Who’s There?

My Baby:  Chicken Gone Gone

*he then erupts into uncontrollable laughter*

If you say, “Chicken gone gone who?”  he looks at you like you’re crazy, then says, “Chicken gone gone, chicken gone gone”. 

It makes no sense, but it has become our “thing” and I think it’s precious.


2 Responses to “Joke Of The Month”

  1. Alyson Says:

    He’s been doing it non-stop since before Thanksgiving. He also says, “Bow chicka wow wow” and does a dance like on the Chipmunks commercial. It’s so sweet.

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