Party Time

December 11, 2007

Last night our UMW unit held our annual Christmas party.  Neither my work nor J’s work hold employee parties, so I look forward to this event all year.  This is also the time we reveal our secret pals that we have had all year.  I was unsure who mine was, until last month, when I noticed a cross that was on the dash of one member’s car was the same as my Easter gift from my secret pal.  Sure enough, last night my suspicions were confirmed when she presented me with a beautiful basket filled with pampering supplies.  

In addition to our secret pal gifts, we also exchange small gifts with one another at random by playing “musical gifts”.  We pass the gifts around in a circle, and the gift you are holding when the music stops is the one you keep.  I recieved a beautiful handmade pillow from one of the older ladies in our group.  The woman is in her late 80’s, and I feel blessed to have recieved her gift.  I’ll have to keep it away from my children, as I don’t want it to become chocolate smeared or suffer some similar fate.

We go all out in the food department also.  You could gain 10 pounds just from looking at the spread that is laid out.  Although it is a “finger food” function, we all make a meal of it, with most of us going back for seconds and even thirds.  I contributed BLT dip, Reeses bars, and bacon wrapped hot dogs.   I was suprised to find this morning that my weight only fluctuated one more pound on the plus side than what it was yesterday.   

I had such a wonderful time.  It is such a blessing to have my husband home in the evenings now, so that I can do things like this without having to find a sitter.  It is comforting to spend an evening in the company of other Christian women, without having to be “mom” for a few hours. 

Only 364 days until next years party!


6 Responses to “Party Time”

  1. Brian Says:

    Sounds like fun! Glad you had fun.

    I can almost imagine the food. It’s only 9:30, but I’m starving already. 🙂

  2. Alyson Says:

    Me too, I skipped breakfast in favor of sleep.

  3. It does sound like fun, and the food at holiday parties is so exciting. That’s so pathetic of me, that the idea of an array of ultra fattening food is exciting. I do it every year, put on weight in Nov. and Dec. then spend the next six months taking it off. But I can’t help it, the putting it on part is so much fun!

  4. Alyson Says:

    I think we all do that. We consider our party the best kept secret of our church. There are only about a dozen of us, and we say that if they all knew how we feasted at Christmas, we would have a huge crowd.

  5. Red Says:

    I always enjoyed functions like that .. glad to see you had a great time, with good food and good company!

  6. Alyson Says:

    Thanks. I enjoy it so much.

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