Fourth Time’s A Charm

December 6, 2007

I work in a male-dominated workplace in the south.  Therefore, I am often amazed at the sheer stupidity, not to mention sexist nature, of some of my redneck co-workers.  Truly amazed, appalled, and disgusted.

One guy, after recently getting his third divorce was contacted online by his high school girlfriend who lives 5 hours away, and is also thrice divorced.  They met again, and he is now smitten.  According to him, they plan to get married.  He says, “It will be both of our 4th marriages, so it’s bound to work”.  Yeah, that’s logical. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, it is this guy


10 Responses to “Fourth Time’s A Charm”

  1. Brian Says:

    I wonder what makes him think this one is going to work?

    This reminds me of one of my former posts about a coworker:

    I think it was his wife’s third or fourth marriage, too. 🙄

  2. Alyson Says:

    I totally forgot about your prior post. I find it funny we chose (basically) the same title.

  3. Brian Says:

    Great minds think alike. 🙂

  4. cowgalutah Says:

    Yikes…at that point I think I would just live with the guy for a year and see how things go. What is left of your dignity at that point?

  5. alyson Says:

    Yeah, I’m J’s third wife, and he says that if we divorce, or even if I die, he’s not getting remarried. I don’t know if I believe him though.

  6. I feel sorry for people who’ve had multiple marriages and want to try it yet again, I never find any humor in it. What it says to me is that these people want so desperately to be loved and have what they think everyone else has: someone who’s waiting for them at the end of the day, someone who’s always on their side, someone to talk to, unconditional love. What they often don’t think about is that in order for it to work they may need an a mental and spiritual makeover, because so often the things they despise in their ex are the same things they’re guilty of themselves. Too many people lay the blame on their partner, and then carry all their old baggage into their new relationship and “hope” it will work this time.

  7. I think that came out wrong, so I’m back to clarify. What I should have more simply said was, when people jokingly say “Here I go with marriage number 4, 5,” or whatever, I feel sorry for them.

  8. Alyson Says:

    I agree. It espically unnerves me when people get into a “new” committed relationship mere minutes after exiting the old one.

  9. Brian Says:

    I agree with Wendy’s comment. The guy I work with that’s on his fifth marriage seems to really believe in marriage. However, he lets his personal problems (alcoholism, anger issues) destroy every relationship that he enters into. As if his own issues weren’t enough, he usually chooses a mate that has their own share of problems. It’s a recipe for disaster.

  10. Alyson Says:

    Good points guys!

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