A Perfect Time For My Time

November 21, 2007

Yesterday’s babysitting dilema proved to be a blessing in disguise.  The boys had to be taken to my granny’s house, which is in the town where J works.  After work he was to pick up his daughter in Illinois, and rather than spending an hour back-tracking home, he took the boys along to pick up their sister.

I had already planned to spend the evening cleaning in preperation for Thanksgiving  hell dinner.  When I found out I was going to have the house to myself for a couple of hours, I went into OCD Cleaning Superwoman mode.  In the 2 hours before they got home I managed to thoroughly clean 3 rooms, cook 2 meals, take out all the trash and clean and sanitize the litter box, all while listening to the soundtrack of my youth on our local classic rock station.  It was bliss.


3 Responses to “A Perfect Time For My Time”

  1. Red Says:

    Yay for you! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. talea Says:

    I love when those OCD Cleaning Mode moods kick in and there’s nobody around to get in your damned way. Plus, you can listen to your worst music and sing your heart out. I even go so far as to slap a bandana on my head to really get into cleaning mode and of course, keep my hair out of my face.

  3. Alyson Says:

    @ red: turkey day went well, for once. I suppose it’s because I had the home field advantage.

    @ talea: I love those times too. It’s my fave time to clean.

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