Things To Be Thankful For

November 2, 2007

I blogged briefly a few weeks ago about a child support mess we were in the center of.  To sum it up, my husband was put on hold for 2 hours, treated like crap, mistaken for a deadbeat dad, and even told he was behind in his child support by more than a decade.  The state began holding more $ out of his monthly check to cover (non-existent) “arrearages” because nobody in their office was intelligent enough to look on his records and see that, while they may not have gotten a payment in August of 2005, they did get 2 payments in September 2005, meaning he had never missed a payment.  Duh!

Anyways, he got the whole mess straightened out today, with the help of a very nice representative who apologized for the way he was previously treated by their office.  The only thing I am upset about is, we now have a credit of $36. I asked if they would mail that to us, “no, we’ll just leave it on your account”.  It was also rightfully determined that we need to send in some money to cover the amount that should’ve been taken out of J’s first check at his new job.  I said, “I’ll send that in Monday, can I short pay it by the $36 that I have a credit for?”.  The answer, once again, was no.  I know $36 is not alot of money, but it pisses me off that they insist upon holding it hostage until the youngest turns 18.  I guess I should count my blessings that it didn’t cost more than $36 to get it settled.

 In other news, the phone bill from 1995 for a phone number J never had, has been determined to be a mix-up.  YAY.

Finally, in my busy, semi-organized life, I enevitably forget to write down my monthly visitor.    The result is that I often start freaking out unnecessarily.  I convince myself that I’m late, scare the hell out of J, and worry myself sick.  All because I can’t manage to make a note on a calendar.  I’ve been convinced I was pregnant for a few days now, and I was stressing.  We will loose our current health insurance this month, and can’t get new coverage until sometime in December, so I knew that if I were preggers, the new insurance company would cry “pre-existing”  and we would have to foot the entire bill.  We don’t even have our youngest paid for yet, and we had insurance with him.  Not only that, I don’t want any more kids.  Period.   

You can imagine my relief yesterday afternoon when I doubled over with cramps while hanging out laundry.  I was happy to see Aunt Flo, even if I do have to take her on my retreat this weekend.  Plus if I forget to write her visit down this month, I can always just look right here to see when she was in last. 

J and I both have appointments this month to discuss permanent birth control measures with our doctors.  If mine can work me in by the end of the month, i.e. before the insurance runs out, I’m getting spayed.  If not, J will be neutered.  Either way, someone’s getting “fixed”. 


5 Responses to “Things To Be Thankful For”

  1. Red Says:

    36 bones IS a lot when you dont have it. 5 bucks is a lot when you dont have it. it’s the principle of the thing.
    I do hope you get everything figgered out!

  2. Brian Says:

    Your spay/neuter paragraph cracked up Alan, Mrs. J, and myself when I read it out loud. You’re too funny!!

    I’m glad that J got his things straightened out.

  3. Alyson Says:

    @ red: That’s my opinion too, the principal of it is what makes me so mad.

    @ brian: Thanks. Maybe when I go in I’ll ask for the Bob Barker Treatment Program.

  4. cowgalutah Says:

    Dang that anut flo…she can really freak you out sometimes!

  5. Alyson Says:

    She is quite ornery sometimes.

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