Ramblings From An Old(er) Woman

October 31, 2007

Just mere hours ago I ventured into my 30’s.  I remember when 30 was ancient, yet here I am.  It’s beats the alternative though. 

Being a mommy, makes it impossible for me to celebrate on my acutal birthdate.  Therefore, Saturday night J and I, along with Brian and Alan went to Red Lobster, then took in a screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  The whole night was a blast (except for the time spent in Gander Mountain, but I digress). 

Aside from seeing bits and pieces of the movie on VH1 several years ago, I had very little Rocky Horror knowledge under my belt.  The entire theater experience was very interesting.  It was fun throwing rice and toilet paper on friends and strangers in public, not to mention squirting them with water.  I had never heard of the whole dialoge phenomenon, but there was a girl in the theater that knew the whole thing.  I found it amusing, but a tad annoying.    Nevertheless, I would love to make this an annual tradition, minus the stop at Gander Mountain.

Last night we went to the “Trail of Treats” at our local park, then my oldest helped me make peanut butter eyeballs.  Tonight will be spent taking the boys trick or treating.   It’s been a busy week for me, so I look forward to being able to rejuvenate this weekend at my retreat.

Happy Haunting everyone. 


13 Responses to “Ramblings From An Old(er) Woman”

  1. Brian Says:

    I also found the dialogue a bit annoying.

    We’re handing out candy tonight at the neighbors house (I think) with Kelly. Bring the kiddies by.

    Happy Birthday/Halloween!

  2. Alyssa Says:

    Today is my best friends 30th birthday as well!

    Happy Birthday/Halloween!

    Hope it continues to be a lovely one!

  3. Happy Birthday Alyson! Go with it, flow with it, and enjoy each age because they all have something good to offer. Sounds trite, but it’s true. Have an awesome Halloween with your trick-or-treaters!

  4. alyson Says:

    @ Brian: I plan to come out that way. I hope we can get an early start so we can get by everywhere. We stop at the homes of alot of our church members, which takes a while. They all want to chat and make over the kids.

    @ Alyssa: Thanks. I don’t know anyone else that was born on the exact same day as me.

  5. cowgalutah Says:

    Oh happy b-day girly!

  6. Brian Says:

    Here are some famous people who share your birthday:

    Dan Rather
    Deidre Hall
    Peter Jackson
    Dermot Mulroney
    Rob Schneider
    Val Kilmer
    Jane Pauley





    Wait for it…




  7. alyson Says:

    I looked this up yesterday too. I’m in pretty good company. Ice Ice Baby!

  8. Red Says:

    Happy Birthday girlie!
    I was just talking to Mister about seeing Rocky Horror .. where did you get to see it?! I would soooo be there!!

  9. alyson Says:

    It was at Paducah. I’ll let you know if they have it next year.

  10. I was here early today, wishing you a wonderful birthday, telling you to enjoy each age because they all have something great to offer, and also wishing you a fun Halloween with your little trick-or-treaters. But being older, I guess I forgot to hit the submit button because when I came back, my comment was nowhere! Happy Birthday.

  11. alyson Says:


    Thanks. I try to enjoy every moment. They go by so fast.

    After I posted this I found your comment in the spam folder. I don’t know why it went there, but anyway, you’re not going senile.

  12. […] 23, 2007 During the celebration of my 30th birthday, J asked if we had time to go to Gander Mountian.  Brian replied with something to the effect of, […]

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