More Super Shopping

October 24, 2007

After months of drought, the rain has finally set in.  I work in the office of a construction business, so yesterday things were really quiet and slow.  Most of my co-workers jumped ship shortly after noon yesterday in favor of taking naps and drinking beer, which left me to hold down the fort.  I had a highly productive afternoon researching all things Bon Jovi, increasing my token value by playing online games, and catching up on 2 episdodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. 

My boss graciously came in relieved me of my duties 45 minutes early.  Being as my mother and I carpool on the days she works,  I had time to kill before going to pick her up.  I had a $10 off coupon for JC Penney’s that was nearing it’s expiration, so I ventured to the store to put it to good use.  My findings there amazed even me, master of the good bargain. 

Upon entering the store I found an NFL under-armor type shirts with the Titans logo for my oldest for $1.97 (originally $25).  In the mens section I found a nice dress shirt for my stepdaughter’s boyfirend for $1.97 (originally $30) and a plain ringer tee for myself, also $1.97 (originally $16). 

As thrilled as I was with my finds, I meandered around a bit looking for something else to finish out my $10 coupon, without going too much over.  Everything I found for myself would’ve put it way over, and I didn’t want to spend alot of money with the holiday’s coming up.  Eventually I settled on 2 pairs of jeans for my youngest, which were 2 for $10 (originally $9.99 each).  

That’s right, that’s $90.99 (retail) that I paid $6.28  for.  I’m quite proud of myself.


2 Responses to “More Super Shopping”

  1. Brian Says:

    You underestimate yourself. Instead of “master of the good bargain”, it should read “Mistress of the Great Bargain”.

    That sounds so sexy I think I’ll have to get some ice-water.

  2. alyson Says:

    LOL. I actually did have mistress in there originally.

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