A Painful Decision

October 24, 2007

Earlier this week I made a decision that has left me with a rather blue demeanor ever since. 

I had several things on the calendar I was looking forward to over the next month.  Halloween is my birthday, and although I’m turning the BIG 3-0 (or as my son says, twenty-ten), I do enjoy dressing the boys up and taking them trick-or-treating.  We’re celebrating my big day early, with a dinner with Brian and Alan this weekend, and I’m SO looking forward to a much-needed grown-up’s night out. 

Next on the adgenda is a weekend women’s retreat at the most peaceful place on Earth (or at least the most peaceful place within driving distance).  This is scheduled for weekend after next, and I’ve been looking forward to it all year.  I have went a couple of times in the past, and enjoy it immensely.  As a Suday School teacher, and mother of 2 preschoolers, I feel like it’s the only time I get fed spiritually.  The location is wonderful, and the adult female companionship is priceless. 

Finally, just after the Thanksgiving holiday, the Christian rock bands Third Day and Jars of Clay are doing a local show.  Although I’m not crazy about either of these bands, the tickets are extremely reasonable, and J and I are looking forward to going and taking the teenagers, along with several of our friends from church. 

Monday I realized that my plans were bigger than my wallet.  All the trips to Nashville last month to visit my stepson in the hospital has put a strain on our discretionary income.  When we started recieving bills for my husband’s pricey medical tests, vehicle taxes and yearly insurance premiums for the boys’ life insurance and I knew something in my “fun” adgenda would have to go.  Since making great improvement on our credit card debt, I couldn’t validate putting a necesity on the card in order to pay for a pleasure. 

It pained me greatly, but I chose to eliminate the retreat.  While I was looking forward to it, it was also the most expensive of all the things I had planned.  I’m not gonna lie, it SUCKS, but I know it’s what is for the best.  There’s always next year, when my oldest will be in school and I won’t be paying for childcare.  Here’s to Lakeshore 2008!


7 Responses to “A Painful Decision”

  1. Brian Says:

    That does suck. Next year will be here before you know it, though.

  2. alyson Says:

    Yeah, time really flies anymore.

    J say’s that he’s going to make me go, but I’m ok with not going now.

  3. Red Says:

    Oh hon, I know exactly how you feel!! I do, I really do.
    It might suck now, but Im sure it’ll be worth the wait. I hope you still have a great birthday! 6 days and counting!

  4. alyson Says:

    Thanks for the encouragment. I’m sure the birthday will be wonderful anyway. And maybe I’ll appreciate the retreat more next year, having missed this one.

  5. Would it be possible to put together a really inexpensive replacement for the retreat? Like, I don’t know, a “grown-up girls pajama party” in an activity room at your church, with pot-luck goodies and a thought-provoking movie you could all discuss after? I know it sounds kind of corny, but that stuff usually turns out to be a blast. It’s really great you’re staying on track getting your finances in order, but you might be able to come up with an affordably fun alternative. Just a thought.

  6. Alyson Says:

    Actually things are working out. I will post about that later. But, I LOVE your idea. Those kinds of things are right up my alley, they’re always a lot of fun.

    I think I will suggest that for the future. Our church has a big screen TV in the Life Center, so that would be perfect.

  7. I’m glad things are working out! Hope you get to go. And happy (early) birthday!

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