What Was I Thinking

October 10, 2007

I have agreed to let my stepdaughter have a weekend slumber party at our house this weekend.  Her brother is being lavished with gifts and attention, due to his accident, and I know she deserves this, but honestly, what was I thinking?  I hope some of the kids she invited get to come, if not she will be devestated.  Being out-of-state weekend parents, and my spouse working afternoons makes it difficult for us to have even a casual relationship with her friends parents.  I know many of them will be unsure about sending their kids an hour away for the weekend, to the home of strangers.  Honestly, these people know nothing about us, with the exception of what they may have heard from J’s ex, which can’t be flattering! BTW Red, I told my stepdaughter to tell her friends parents they could check us out on the sex offender registry.  I said that if they found us to please let me know.  I also added that I would  make no promises that my 2 youngsters wouldn’t expose themselves to their daughters. 

I told J that if few enough kids come that I can tote them all in the minivan by myself, then he could go fishing with my dad and uncles.  That’s right, me, my two hoodlums, and an undisclosed number of teenage girls, ALONE.  Bye bye clean house, bye bye weekend off, hello insanity.   *note to self:  See if there is a such thing as a prozac intreveinous drip, and if so, get perscription immediately*

There is one thought getting me through this:  JBJ HOSTING SNL!!!!!!!!!  And on the plus side, I’ll have a bunch of people there to keep me awake enough to watch it.


6 Responses to “What Was I Thinking”

  1. Red Says:

    Oh man, I JUST went through this over the weekend. The girl had a sleepover, and I actually had calls from parents who asked soooo many questions.
    One asked if I had any sons, because if I did, they wouldn’t allow their daughter to come over because boys are sexual.
    One asked what my name/hubby’s name is so she could look us up on the internet. She also asked the kids’ teacher about us. AND had a pre-spending the night play date with my kid.

    Needless to say, some of them showed up. Some didn’t. My child was happy that a few showed up.
    I suppose in this day and age, folks just don’t trust anyone anymore.
    Good luck to yall though, I hope your child has fun!

  2. Red is right about this day & age. I trust very few people.
    About 2 yrs ago,Jamie & Audrie both have birthday’s in the same month, so, I let them have a sleepover. There was 5 sets of brother/sisters. 2 of the sets were neighbors. Anyway, it was the craziest night of my life. Oh, we had lots of fun and the kids loved to entertain but I didn’t realise that even @ 7 & 9 that a girl could cause 2 or more boys to fight over her. We all survived. but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Although it is one thing the kids haven’t forgotten. lol Later when they reach that age of “you don’t love me” I am going to remind them of what I suffered though/did for them!!! lol
    Hope you have lots of fun!!!!!

  3. Red Says:

    Oh, and hey! Did you turn the heat off or somethin? It’s 42 freaking degrees out there right now!!! COOOoooolldd!!!

  4. alyson Says:

    Red: I remembered you blogging about a sleepover and the other parents wanting to check you out. Glad it went relatively well. I think ours is going to be a bust. Alot of the girls already had plans to go to a haunted house with a big group. Only our niece is coming. I feel bad for my step-daughter, but am a little relieved.

    Also, I about froze this morning on my walk. Brrrr…………

    Stilldreaming: You are very brave to allow that many kids. I would loose my mind! I guess it would be easier to get it all over at the same time rather than having 2 seperate parties though.

  5. Brian Says:

    I can totally understand parents being that protective. I’d probably be a nightmare to deal with if I had kids, even though I realize that statistically most of the fear is probably unfounded.

    Hope you gals have fun! I know you’ll enjoy JBJ either way. 🙂

  6. alyson Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t really figure most of them would get to come. I don’t know that I would let mine get that far from me in a strangers home.

    As for JBJ, they interviewed him the other night on TV during a baseball game, and he looked HAWT. OMG. I can’t wait.

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