Go Santa Go!

October 9, 2007

My 2 year old LOVES Diego.  Almost as much as he loves The Wiggles (or, the wee wee’s, as he likes to call them).  For the boys’ birthday’s we got them tickets for an upcoming Go Deigo Go live show later this week.  So for Christmas, I’ve been researching toys along the Deigo line to put under the tree.  I recently passed up the Go Diego Go Talking Rescue Center at 1/2 price on Amazon.com because, judging from the picture and description there wasn’t alot to it.  Last night in Wal-Mart, sans kiddos, I browsed the toy aisle, hoping to find the store price on the Diego Talking Rescue Pack so that I could compare it online.  While looking, I found the Rescue Center, for $40, and was impresed with it.  I immediately began kicking myself, mentally, for not purchasing it online weeks earlier. 

Today I checked it out on Amazon again.  I found the rescue center for $10!  I read some reviews, and they were mixed.  Some parents say it tends to fall apart, so I may assemble it with the help of super glue.  It also was not eligible for free shipping, which is almost equal to the cost of the product.  But I figure I’ll still be getting it, delivered, for under $20, and considering it is $40 in the store, I jumped on it. 

While on Amazon I also found Candyland for $4 ($2 after mail-in rebate) for my oldest, along with some Transformers he’s been wanting for 1/2 price, which I purchased for my mom to give to him.  I threw in a book for my nephew, and got free shipping on everything but the Diego toys.

I love online shopping!   


6 Responses to “Go Santa Go!”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    I’m a shopaholic too..

    Our daughter loves Dora, right now it’s Dora everything but she likes to watch “Little Bear” on Cable on demand and last christmas it was dora everything and we got deals on ALL KINDS of stuff.

    Happy Shopping! Just whatever you do.. DONT GET THE JINGLE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD!!!

  2. Brian Says:

    I love Amazon! You simply can’t beat their prices and they have pretty darn good service, too.

  3. I picked that toy out for my nephew last Christmas. He loves Deigo too, however, I wasn’t impressed with it. I don’t think it was worth $40. So, congrats to you for getting it at a bargin.

  4. Alyson Says:

    @ alyssa: I know, the songs are so annoying, and stay with you.

    @ Brian: I love Amazon and ltd. They are my favorite places on the web.

    @ stilldreaming: I didn’t think it was worth $40 either.

    Off topic, I saw domino holders at wal-mart alot cheaper than I got mine. A set of 4 was $4-$5.

  5. Red Says:

    Oh yes. Online shopping for Christmas is a must!

  6. alyson Says:


    I do most of mine online. However, I do visit Wal-Mart & Penney’s on Black Friday morning before work.

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