A “Normal” Life

October 6, 2007

My husband has accepted the job that was offered to him earlier in the week.  He will soon be working days, and making a little more money too!  (Don’t get so excited, the new place doesn’t pay any part of his health insurance, so any monetary profits will go directly to help offset that)  Although I have joked for years that working opposite shift has saved our marriage, I am really looking forward to the change. We have been together 8 years, and except for a brief period in 2002, all of that time has been spent working nights, or out of town jobs.  For the last 8 years he has had to settle for being a “weekend dad” as well as husband, and now he will be at home when we are! 

I look forward to being able to celebrate our birthdays, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day on the actual day, rather than the weekend before or after. 

I can’t wait to walk into the next UMW meeting, sans kiddos, and know what’s going on without having to leave every few minutes to referee a fight, get someone a snack, wipe someone’s butt, etc.  It’s perfect timing too, since I was elected president for 2008! 

I’m estatic at the thought of having adult help with the daunting task of taking the kids trick or treating! 

We can go to a movie or out to dinner, on a weeknight, something we have not done in ages. 

We can go camping, something we rarely get to do, because with him working Friday nights it wasn’t worth all the work it entailed to camp for one night.  Now we can leave on Friday afternoon, and stay 2 nights. 

Next Bon Jovi tour, he won’t have to use one of his 2 personal days to take me to the show!  We’ll just leave after work.

Best of all, he can make the journey into the next state on Fridays to pick up his older children, a chore that’s fallen on my shoulders for the last eight years.  When I was the only one able to do it, I had to go pick up my boys at the sitters, then go get them, and I wouldn’t get home until 7:30 pm.  He can leave straight from his new work, and be home by 6! 

 As you can see, this one change has opened up a multitude of opportunities for us, it’s really going to change the way we operate around here.  I feel like it will take some of the load off my shoulders.  I sometimes feel like a single mother, with a grown IDK ghost that reeks havoc at home during my workday.

I look forward to having a “normal” home life, for the first time since the kids came along.  I’m sure I’ll have to give up some of my TLC and E! viewing time for more intense drama, but it’ll be worth it to be able to gather around the table every night with my boys and their daddy.  And speaking of the table, I’m sure there will have to be more cooking going on now that he’ll be home, since he doesn’t share our fondness for PB&J.  I don’t mind though, espically since I’ll have someone to help entertain the kids while I cook and clean up. 


8 Responses to “A “Normal” Life”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Boy do I know this schedule, my husband is a second shifter, 2:30-11..and he has had to deal with being a weekend Dad and messing with my own sleep schedule so I can see him.

    He is going to be working from home soon and I guess thats a little bit better, but still during that time period, he will be working…. and not playing with us..

    I hope to get to a point where my husband has the same schedule as me…but I will admit it’s been kind of nice “missing” him, you know? We’ve wanted to be around each other instead of going crazy and wanting to get away from each other…we work harder to spend time together with his schedule the way it is and we enjoy each others company..

    it’s a blessing and a curse.

    Hopefully this works out for you better =)

  2. Alyson Says:

    I totally agree. That’s how it is with us too. When we first moved in together I wanted him to have a second shift job, becuase I was in college and knew that I wouldn’t devote the necessary time to my studies if he was at home.

  3. cowgalutah Says:

    Oh boy I don’t miss working the second shift at all. We don’t have kids so there was no reason for it other than the $$$.
    But like Alyssa said you do enjoy time you have together more. Even this last weekend we both went diffrent ways with our friends.

  4. alyson Says:

    It’s important to have time apart too!

  5. Brian Says:

    I’m glad that Jess has a day job now. It should help you out alot with everything and I know he’ll be happier at home with the family in the evenings.

  6. Congratulations!!!
    I hope it works out as good as you hope. 😉

  7. Alyson Says:

    Thanks guys.

    I hope so too. Sometimes I think I’m setting myself up for disaster.

  8. Canadian Says:

    There is no normal life Wyatt, There’s just life.~
    Doc Holliday
    Quote from the movie Tomb stone

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