My Crazy Life

October 3, 2007

I know that, as far as life goes,  when it rains, it pours, but, metaphorically speaking, it’s coming a torrential downpour at our house, with no signs of letting up anytime soon. 

You all know about my stepsons injury, for which the stress was compounded by the fact that it required bitter, divorced parents and their “new” also bitter spouses to all put their differences aside and get along.  Then there was J’s surgery on Monday, the day my stepson came home from the hospital.  Those two things alone would be enough for one family to handle, but we are over-achievers, so we needed more.  Therefore on Friday our friendly mailman delivered J a collection notice for a triple digit phone bill from 1995 for a phone number he never had.  He called about it, and they have placed it on hold for 30 days until they can get more information.  I figure it is something belonging to his oldest daughter and/or her mother, as they are not above doing something like that.   Also in his mailbag was a notice increasing J’s child support due to a past delinquency.  He has worked at the same place for 5 years, and the child support has come out of his check like clockwork, every month.  Prior to that, he was in arrearage, but the state hijacked our income tax refunds for a few years to get him even.  He managed to get in touch with someone from child support yesterday, and it’s a error, but it will still require LOTS of time to prove we don’t owe it.  Of course the burden of proof is on us, because they don’t give a crap if it’s their mistake, since they can take all the money they want from his check until we make them see that although they didn’t techincally get a payment in June of 2005, they did get 2 payments in July.  Friggin DUH, and if we really were delinquent, they are really on top of it, since it only took them 2 and a half years to notice!   

I wish I could say it ends there, but it doesn’t.  J’s oldest daughter and her family have decided to move 450 miles away on the spur of the moment.  Which is upsetting, as we won’t get to see them as much.  Additonally, J has been offered another job, which will result in a little more pay, but he will loose a few benefits.  Namely, the employer paid portion of his health insurance and life insurance, and the dental insurance which we pay for every month.  It’s the health insurance I mainly worry about, as the dental didn’t cover a whole lot anyway, and the life insurance was useless since we’re all very much alive.  We’ll have to go 60 days without health insurance, which scares me.  After the 60 days he can get on the new place’s plan, and pay for an entire family policy.   In case you haven’t noticed, alot can happen around here in 60 days!

I just keep praying that, this too shall pass.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my umbrella and galoshes nearby.


4 Responses to “My Crazy Life”

  1. Brian Says:

    A phone bill from 12 years ago??? Now that’s pathetic! At least it sounds like you will be able to prove that you are NOT accountable in either situation. I know this is all bad timing, though. 😦

  2. alyson Says:

    Horrible timing indeed. I think sometimes one collection agency sells the accounts to another, who finds new contact info and goes after it. We got one last year, on a phone bill he did owe and they settled for less than half. So, if we do have to pay it maybe we can get it down around $50.

    In other news, I got some holders for our dominoes when we play again, so our trains won’t fall down and expose themselves! Can’t wait to use them.

  3. I know what it is like when it pours!!!
    Whenever “things” are good or get better then a person had better be prepared for what comes after!!! rarely more good. lol
    They probaby got your information due to the new loan. I think that some of these places are “connected”

    I saw some “holders” for dominoes in one of those little magazines @ my moms house, I am curious where you got yours?

  4. alyson Says:

    I didn’t think about the loan thing. Could be.

    I got the domino holders out of the LTD catalog. I love LTD!

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