Double Standard

September 27, 2007

Last Friday night, while looking through some photos, my 4 year old son came accross one of me with my fave musician, Brad Cotter.  He asked, “Why are you and Brad standing close”.  I replied that we (okay, I) wanted to have our picture made like that, to which he said, “Well, I don’t like it, that’s breaking up with Daddy, and I best not see it again”.  He turned the page on the album, and there was another picture, much like first, from a different event.  He told me, in a very bossy grown-up voice, “I TOLD you, I best not see that again.  Don’t take another picutre like that with Brad, you’re breaking up with daddy.”  I told him that if daddy ever meets Reba he can’t have his picture made with her either, and my son agreed.

The next day we were getting some stuff together to take to J’s relatives, and among the items were some photo albums that were left at our house after our last gathering.  So…. I opened up to the pictures from J’s first wedding, and asked the youngster what daddy was doing to me in that picture.  His reply was, “that’s okay, that’s his first wife” followed by, “eewwww they’re kissing”. 

Be careful who you’re photographed with, you may be committing adultrey.

2 Responses to “Double Standard”

  1. cowgalutah Says:

    That is to funny…kids really do say some funny things.

  2. alyson Says:

    Mine is full of amusing things. I have another one from last night that I’ll post later.

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