September 26, 2007

My stepson’s surgery was a success.  They decided to only do the graft on one arm.  The other one may possibly heal and grafting won’t be necessary.  They also thought his neck might need some grafting, but they are going to wait and see.  He may even get to come home Saturday.

In other good news.  My hubby’s coming home tonight.  YAY!  For someone that used to live by herself, I’ve become a weenie since assuming the married life.  And, although I do enjoy having free reign of the queen-sized tempuredic mattress, I feel vulnderable alone at home with the boys. And, I miss him too!  Although I know he’s where he needs to be, it slightly perturbes me that he is so far away, and cooped up with someone he was once married to.  I feel stupid for feeling that way, but I do.


3 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Brian Says:

    I don’t blame you for feeling that way, but I seriously don’t think you have anything to worry about. 😉

    Glad the surgery went well!!

  2. Alyson, I am glad that your step-son’s is doing okay. I have seen some of what a life of scarring does to a young man, a friend of the family.
    I thinking being burned would be one of the worst things that a person could go through.

    I will pray for all of you!

  3. alyson Says:

    Thanks so much for your prayers.

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