Severing The Ties

September 19, 2007

I recieved, what I hoped to be my final bill from my good friend Chase yesterday.  I called Chase when I got my loan, and paid him the amount that the automated system told me the total balance was, with the knowledge that there would be a few incidentals on my next bill.  I recieved it, only to discover that the total I recieved did not include last month’s finance charges.  The balance on it was somewhere in the $200 range, which I totally understand.  What I don’t understand is how my “minimum payment” on that amount is $175.  The good thing is that I don’t have any surprise bills this month, so I think I’m just going to pay them off, and then tell them off.

In other credit card news.  I discovered yesterday that my card I was going to keep for it’s rewards program has changed the way it does business, and now you have to have $10 in rewards built up before you can use them, and they expire every 2 months.  This is very different from the old policy, in which as long as your card was swiped once per year the points were yours until you used them.  Since the store where we use the points is in Nashville, and I hardly ever get that many points I think I’m going to cancel them too, and go with somewhere with a smaller interest rate. 

In other financial news, I felt the first aftershock from the massive heatwave our area recently endured.  Having to run both air conditioners non-stop made my electric bill increase exponentially, up 50% compared to this time last year!  Fortunately, we are on our company’s “budget billing” program, in which your bill is averaged over the course of a year, and you pay the same amount every month.  Therefore, while our bill didn’t change, I’m sure when our usage is re-evaulated for next year I will feel the burn. 

One Response to “Severing The Ties”

  1. Brian Says:

    Get rid of as many cards as you can. You won’t regret it, but the credit card companies will. 🙂

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