September 18, 2007

Yesterday it was determined that J’s medical problems do indeed stem from his galbladder.  We go next Monday to meet with the surgeon, and probably schedule surgery.  I’m thrilled it was not his heart.  As I understand it, galbladder surgery is not as invasive as it once was, and he will be back at work in no time.  Yay!

Last Saturday, after making some progress cleaning out our shop, we were finally able to catch up with Brian and Alan when they came over for dinner.  We had a few laughs over my incenuations that Jon Bon Jovi was the father of my children, and even more laughs over the fact that Brian didn’t get my jokes.  When the dominoes came out, we were all stomped by my teenage niece and stepdaughter.  It was a fun evening.


6 Responses to “Updates”

  1. The surgery was not bad, what I had trouble with afterward (and what others I know who had the surgery also said), was that certain foods “upset” my stomach and/or made me sick or run to the bathroom. It has been almost 5 yrs since I had mine and I still can’t eat fish without “tasting it” the rest of the day/night! Then I wish I didn’t eat it!!!

  2. Alyson Says:

    Glad to hear the surgery isn’t bad. I know alot of people that still have stomach problems even after the surgery.
    Certain foods affect me that way and I think, “Why did I eat that?”. Of course, next time I do it again. lol.

  3. Brian Says:

    That sucks that he has to have surgery. I got scared about my gallbladder Sunday, then I figured out it was just a sore muscle in my stomach from installing those gutter guards on Saturday. Yep, I’m a wuss…

  4. alyson Says:

    Alot of people have trouble with them.
    LOL about the sore muscle. One time I got scared about my foot. Someone I know has a disorder with her foot where the muscles draw in and she can’t walk on it. My foot got to hurting and I convinced myself I had it too, then I remembered that I had stepped on a Lego the day before. It was just a stone bruise.

  5. Red Says:

    I had mine out about 6 years ago. Number one rule to your husband afterward .. watch what you eat, cuz it’ll go right through you. Fried, spicy, greeeezy, no matter .. This lasted me about 4 years or so. Yeah, I know .. TMI.
    My system is relatively normal now.
    The surgery and recovery aren’t too bad. I was off work about 2 weeks, only because I had an extremely physical job at a factory and the docs wanted me 100% better before returning.
    Hope your husband does well and if safe throughout the surgery and afterward!

  6. alyson Says:

    Thanks for the advice. It’ll be hard for him since, like most southerners, it’s not a meal without fried & greasy.
    His job can sometimes be physically demanding, so he may be off that long too. It’s still better than several months if he had a heart attack.

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