My Birthday Wish

September 18, 2007

If Jersey were closer I would go back into debt for this:

Seevery best seats in the houseright on stage!
Purchase a VIP package and get treated like a rock star!

Each VIP Package includes:

° 1 Premium ticket
° The opportunity to stand on stage for 3 songs during the show*
° 1 autographed program per ticket
° 1 $100 gift certificate per ticket, redeemable for Bon Jovi merchandise
1 laminate per ticket allowing access to the exclusive `Goal Club’ in the venue

(NOTE: packages must be purchased in pairs of 2)


October 25 & 26 My Chemical Romance
October 28 & 30 Big and Rich

November 1 & 3 Gretchen Wilson
November 4 & 7
November 9 & 10 The All-American Rejects

My 30th birthday IS coming up, anyone want to donate to help me send out my 20’s in style?  Tickets are only $1,000 each with a 2 ticket minimum.  I prefer the Daughtry show, but whatever will do.


4 Responses to “My Birthday Wish”

  1. Girl, if I had it, I would send you in a heartbeat!!!! LOL

  2. Alyson Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

    This morning on the radio I heard they’re going to give away tickets, airfare, and hotel for the show on the 9th. I was listening to one of those nationally syndicated shows, so there’s no way in the world I’ll win, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

  3. Brian Says:

    I would give it to you, too. This actually might be worth going in debt over. 😆

  4. alyson Says:

    If it were in Nashville, I would totally do it. LOL.

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