Promises, Promises

September 13, 2007

I’m not a terribly nosy person, really I’m not.  I won’t go around snooping in you medicine cabinet if I’m visiting or anything like that.  However, sometimes in close quarters it’s hard NOT to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.  As per my previous post, I promised God that I would attempt to curtail my cursing habit, however, I said noting about poking fun of people.  And since I’m not in the healthcare field, I’m not in violation of any HIPPA laws, therefore I have to share with you this story.

Last night when J got done with his tests and was resting in the “bed” he began dozing off.  About this time a woman entered the ER with her young son, and they were placed in the curtained room adjacent to ours.  At first I thought she must work at the hospital, because several of the staff members were asking her if she “just liked the place or what”.  But it soon became apparent that she, and her children, were just frequent visitors of the ER.  

The male nurse on staff asked the kid, who looked to be about 8 years old, about his previous bike injury, and told the boy he needed to “get a cup”.  To which the mother replies, in a very loud southern drawl, “thanks, now he’s going to be asking what that is and I’m going to have to explain it.  He already came home from school the other day asking what S-E-X was and I told him I didn’t know, I told him that I would have to look it up in the dictionary and we didn’t have one, and if you’re going to talk to him about cups YOU explain what it is to him”.  So he did.  Then he tells the woman that when his kids asked about S-E-X he told them (his kids), “remember when the cats fought in the driveway?….. they weren’t REALLY fighting”.  I swear to you I did not make this stuff up, I couldn’t if I tried.

The mother told them the child had recently had tubes put in his ears.  He was then diagnosed with an ear infection.  Upon further research of the surgeons records, the ER doctor showed the mother where the child did not have tubes placed in his ears, his ear was merely surgically drained.  This got the mother mad.  She was ranting and raving and promised that she would be discussing this with the surgeon.  The child then had to get an antiobiotic shot, and the was less than cooperative in doing so.  He screamed and physically resisted until all I could hear was the mother threatening to “hold him down”.  But my favorite part of the night was when she said, “if you don’t be still I’ll make you go to school, don’t think I won’t, it won’t hurt my feelings”.  This was my favorite part because, in my head I added, “There’s a Jerry Springer marathon on and I’m not going to miss it because you’re at home wanting to watch Spongebob”. 

The child finally gets his shot, with alot of screaming by the both of them, and is supposed to rest for a few minutes, but mom has other plans for him.  She tries to get him to step outside with her (so she can have a cigeratte I’m assuming).  The child refuses, so she leaves him, alone, in the ER mere seconds after getting a shot, so she can get her nicotine fix.  She comes back and they were promptly discharged. 

They were only there a few minutes, but oh the blog fodder they provided.  

One Response to “Promises, Promises”

  1. Brian Says:

    Sounds like instead of watching Jerry Springer, they should be on the show!

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