Good Deeds & Damien Rice

September 13, 2007

Last night Brian and I went to see Damien Rice in concert.  I had never heard of him until quite recently.  When the concert date was announced, I did some youtube research and found him quite intriguing.  After I discovered that I enjoyed his music, I stumbled upon an interview with Jon Bon Jovi, in which Jon was singing the praises of this talented songwriter.  In my opinion, anything JBJ is talking about is worth looking into, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the show with Brian. 

I wasn’t disappointed.  The show was amazing.  I felt like an old fart compared to the other audience members, and I enjoyed the slower acoustic songs the best, but don’t be fooled, Mr. Rice knows how to rock out also!  It was a fantastic evening.  For a more indepth report check out in repair

 Prior to the concert I did a couple of good things before meeting up with Alan and Brian for Dinner.  First I got a haircut, which is a luxury for me, as I never have the time or money to do so.  I got it shorter and different than my ususal style.  It’s vaugely reminiscent of my 11th grade school picture, and I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not.   Next I went to JC Penney’s to treat myself to a new shirt for the concert.  I found one that I love, and I’m very picky about my clothes, espically shirts, on sale for $13!  However, I donated 23 cents to the JCP After School program to round my purchase price up to $14.  From there I went to the hardware store for some lightbulbs, and forgoing my usual thrifty ways, I opted for the energy effecient ones, which although pricey at the time of purchase, save you money in the long run. 

Next I met up with the boys for dinner, and we had a blast sharing stories and reminiscing about old times.  I also learned alot about Alan’s mysterious friend Haley, who I would love to meet one day!  It was the most enjoyable, grown-up evenings I have had in a long time.


8 Responses to “Good Deeds & Damien Rice”

  1. I am so glad ya’ll had fun!!!!

    I would have liked to see Brian jump over the chairs to get to the front!!! lol

  2. Alyson Says:

    Yeah, I told him there was no way my rear was going over those seats. lol.

  3. Brian Says:


    I’ve met her and she has really bad BO.

  4. alyson Says:


    Maybe you should get her some soap for Christmas, she should get the hint.

  5. Red Says:

    Never heard of him, glad yall had a good time.
    Question for ya, since you live down that way … Are there any Oktoberfest festivities that go on down at LBL/Paducah??

  6. Alyson Says:

    I don’t know of any, but I’ll keep an eye out. It seems like there used to be something in Metropolis, IL but I can’t remember.

  7. Red Says:

    Thanks! Metropolis aint too far from here – I bought a car there recently.

  8. alyson Says:

    My stepkids live in that area, so we go there alot.

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