September 8, 2007

Work:  When will they realize it’s not profitable to be open on Saturdays?  I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m getting time and an half to play on the internet.

Wal-Mart:  If I have to go, I prefer early in the morning.  I went this morning and was in and out in minutes, as opposed to the hour it would’ve taken me after work this afternoon.  Plus, the school/church/social groups that set up at the door to peddle things I don’t need, or simply beg for money don’t get out that early, so I don’t have to mess with them. 

Weekend:  Can you say BORING.  The hubby has been really sick, so I have put a stop to him doing anything this weekend so that he can get better.  I would love to go see a movie, or just go out to dinner, but he needs to get better, so we’ll be at home.  Maybe I’ll get the house cleaned though. 

Bathroom redo:  The major components of this project have been done for a month now, yet I still haven’t managed to paint the windowsill and door frame, a project that will take all of 15 minutes.  It will honestly take longer to locate the paint and all the supplies and get set up than it will take to do what needs to be done.  Maybe I’ll get it done this weekend.


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