Causal Drive

August 30, 2007

After letting the boys play at the park the other night we drove through our church’s cemetary.  The oldest had lots of questions about who was burried where, and things of that nature.  My parents, although only in their early 50’s already have their plots purchased, and their headstone placed.  I showed it to him and explained that, “Grandma and grandpa would be there someday”.  I didn’t want him to worry, so I added, “But it will be a long time, so don’t worry”.  His reply shocked me.  I expected him to fret, and cry at the realization that we’re all going to die.  After all, this is the kid that hears about inclement weather in other conutries and cries and worries me crazy about it.  Here’s what he said:

“Grandma might be dead soon”

“Why do you say that?” I asked

“Because she’s old” he said, very matter-of-factly.

I asked, “Why do you say she’s old?”

“Because she looks old”.

Kids, gotta love ’em.

I even told her about it, and she laughed!


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