Wild Weekend

August 20, 2007


Why is it that you have to have a liscense to cut hair, but anybody can go to the store, pay a few bucks for some color, and make themselves look ludicrious?  My greys were coming back, and they were bringing friends, so I decided it was time for war.  The last time I colored I shelled out the big bucks for some brand with extra grey coverage, and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.  This time, slightly perturbed from the past experience, I went with the most economical choice, in dark brown, my natural color.  The directions said, “for stubborn greys leave on for 5 extra minutes”.  Armed with my plastic gloves, and squirt bottle I was fully prepared for battle.  However, about 20 minutes in I got impatient, and ended up wasing it out before the “extra 5 minutes” even started, and I’m glad I did.  Apparently there’s a color combination they didn’t teach us in elementary art class, which is Dark Brown + Dark Brown = GOTH BLACK.  Goth black is fine for some people, but for a 29 year old mother of 2 who’s highlight of last week was hearing her 4 year old sing along with “Living on a Prayer”, it’s not okay.  Every time I pass a mirror I’m reminded of a line from the Jon Bon Jovi song, “Midnight In Chelsea”, which says, “Gothic girls all dressed in black, serious as heart attacks, takes a little bit of getting used to”.   I don’t want to wish my life away, but I can’t wait for this color to lighten up.  If it doesn’t I will be forced to go to my local mall and buy me an outfit from Hot Topic, and listen to some thrash metal.


I think it’s obvious that as far as music is concerned, Bon Jovi is #1 in my heart, but coming in at a close second is Season 2 Nashville Star winner Brad Cotter.  Upon doing some stalking reasearch, I found out Brad, along with some other songwriters, were performing Saturday at the Nashville Bass Pro Shop.  This situation was perfect for my husband and I, as he is an avid sportsman, and I am an avid Brad fan!  We were both happy to be going. 

We arrived in Nashville about 4:30, after spending the morning with the boys, and had a wonderful dinner.  Then we visited a few stores in the mall, and headed back to the Bass Pro Shop.  I have seen Brad live about a dozen times since 2004, so when I ran into him in the store before the show I was greeted by a genuine, “Hey Darlin'” followed by a hug!  The performance was great.  The songwriters that were with him have written lots of #1 country hits.  Their talent was amazing, and they were very funny too!  It was great entertainment.  Brad performed 4 songs, 2 of which are not available on any CD, so I was thrilled with the exclusive, and intimate set.  However, the location of this “free” show, was not good for bring the hubby to, as it cost me $50 to get out the door. 


Yesterday the, “big kid” at church came to my class and refused all attempts I made to get her to go to the “Big Kids Class”.  I wasn’t going to physically drag her in there, so of course, she ended up staying with us.  I only had 3 kids, including her, but it was so much more difficult than last week when I had 4 kids in class.  It’s hard to teach when your pupils are one of your own kids and a set of siblings.  For my own sanity, I’ve got to figure out a way to talk to her parents about making her go to “her” class without making anybody mad.  Please keep me in your thoughts.

After church I got a call that my great-grandmother, who lives about 12 hours away, had passed away.  She was in her 90’s and had been sick for a while.  I only saw her a handfull of times that I can remember, but she always seemed genuinely happy to see me, and always made over the boys the times I took them. 

My sister in law and niece came over for supper last night, and we had a good visit.  However, the evening was mildly dampered by the fact that my children both managed to become ill mere moments before our company arrived.  The youngest decorated me in a loveley vomit ensamble at the dinner table, and the oldest spent the evening sitting on the toilet yelling, “I’M DONE MOMMY”!  Then yelling at me becuase it hurt when I wiped his butt.  They’re doing better now.

So, that was my weekend.  I’m almost glad to be back at work!  Next weekend is shaping up to be busy too.  I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

8 Responses to “Wild Weekend”

  1. Brian Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your GGM. Sounds like she was a sweet lady.

    Hope the boys are well.

    Where did you guys eat that was so yummy?

  2. alyson Says:

    Thanks. Connor is now better, but Andrew was sick again today. I’m waiting on a call from the Dr.

    We ate at a place called Caney Fork Fish Camp accross from the back entrance of the mall. We have never had good luck eating in the mall, so we decided to eat before we went. On trips I always like to eat somewhere we can’t go to at home, try something new. Jess’ steak was delicious, and my fish wasn’t bad. We left there stuffed.

  3. Hey, be patience, after a week of washing your hair should lighten up. The last time I got my hair colored it cost me $63, which although I love my stylist, hardly seems reasonably.
    The last couple of times I have went to Big-Lots, they have a very limited selection but for about $3. The last time I got it at Dollar General, more variety and still $3.

    It is like any other product, you have to find a brand that you are comfortable with and be sure to look at the sides and kind of say to yourself, will I be happy if my hair turns to any of this shades? Find one that the side samples show about three different shades and pick the box with the colors you like the most.

    So, glad you and Jess got to have an out of town trip and it sounds like ya’ll had fun.

    Hope the boys are both feeling better.

  4. after reading it I see the spelling “mistakes I made, but considering I was pushing Zach’s hands away from the keyboard, he keeps saying, how long are you going to talk to your friend? LOL
    He keeps trying to draw my attention to him and his Shrek! He could pick anything he wanted at the Build-a-Bear shop and he picks Shrek!!!

    He just said “Can we(meaning me, him and Shrek) go to sleep? Shrek is getting tired!!!

  5. alyson Says:

    I can’t validate spending 20 times as much to have someone else color my hair. Maybe it’ll be possible once Andrew is out of diapers for good though.

    re: Build a Bear, we did that once, and now Connor wants to do it everytime, and the only time we go to that mall is near Christmas. He’s never gotten to do it again yet though.

  6. LOL
    I know isn’t Vanity awful (and costly)!
    I sacrifice alot for my kids but sometimes…

    As for Build-A-Bear: I think it is a wonderful idea. All three of my kids have one. Jamie has a black bear with Karate clothes. Audrie picked a Pink Poodle and has more than one change of clothes and accessaries. Zach only got his a couple of months ago and Shrek has camofliage(I can’t spell)
    HOWEVER, they were a gift from Nathan’s parents and Sister. A little out of my league.
    Really cute though!!!

  7. LOL, this just just hit me as funny but anyone who was just reading the title “Wild Weekend” will be disappointed when they read about haircoloring and Build A Bear. LOL

  8. alyson Says:

    I know what you mean, “wild weekend” nw has a new meaning for me since I’ve had kids. Also last Friday night I cleaned out the bathtub. Kinda sad really.

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