Does EVERYBODY love Raymond?

August 15, 2007

My dad has been a fan of “Everybody Loves Raymond” for several years.  He watches it nightly for a couple of hours in syndication, much to my mother’s dismay.  The show, and his love of it, has been the butt of many jokes for my mother and I during our morning walks. 

Last night I took my boys to the local public library.  As I was perusing the childrens section, waiting for Connor to pick out his books, the name “Romano” caught my eye on the spine of a childrens book.  I thought to myself, “Surely not”, but upon examining it, I discovered the author was indeed the Ray Romano from TV.  Connor came over and saw me looking at the book, then declared, “I want that one”.  I said, “It’s by Ray, that DaddyD likes”, a fact the immediately pushed the book to #1 on Connors must-read list. 

As soon as we arrived home “The Ray Book” was the first book I was ordered to read, and I must say, it’s not bad.  The illustrations are wonderful, and the story is cute.  The fact that Connor picked a “Ray” book was our hot conversation topic this morning on our walk.  It looks like our family has another “Ray” fan.  

Off topic, I have to add how wonderfully surprised I was with the contents of our library.  The boys also got some movies, and while we were deciding which ones to pick, I found several recent release titles for adults too.  The next time you’re looking for something to watch you might check your local library.  You could get the same movie, and keep it longer, for free!


2 Responses to “Does EVERYBODY love Raymond?”

  1. Brian Says:

    Well, Alan loves Raymond. I don’t care for him that much, because he’s too whiny. I do enjoy watching the two actors that play his parents on the sitcom, though.

  2. alyson Says:

    I love the parents, and the brother, but I’m not really a fan either.

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