August 14, 2007

The Big Kids Class:  A wonderful person (my sister) started a new Sunday School class, thus relieving some pressure from my overcrowded, one size fits all, class.  She took the school-age kids, of which there were 3 last week, who promptly named their new class, “The Big Kids Class”.  Although it only relieved me of one child, that is regularly in attendance, it really helped out because she has a sibling in my preschool class.  As anyone with kids knows, siblings behave better when they are apart, and I could tell a big difference in her brother this past Sunday when she was in her own class! 

5 AM Walks with mom:  If anybody had told me I would be voluntarily getting my arse out of bed before the chickens I would’ve asked them, “and what else do the voices in your head say?”  I actually enjoy it, once I get going!  Most days I grumble out of bed and pray that mom oversleeps so I can go back to bed.  She never does! 

Jack McClellan:  I am elated that he was arrested.  As both a parent and a human being, the fact that people like him exist scares the hell out of me.  I heard about him on a nationally syndicated radio show.  I found his website and was greatly disturbed by its content.  I had to exit the site before I got physically ill.  Kudos to the person that bought his name for their domain name and uses it to educate people about what a creep he is.  You can get to his actual website from the anit-jack site if you want to see for yourself.  I couldn’t make myself put up a link on my blog. 

Conserving Energy:  Because of the excessive drought in our area I have only used my clothes dryer exclusively once this summer *pats self on back*.  The rest of the time I hang the clothes on the line then fluff them in the dryer for about 10 minutes.  I would like to nominate myself for an award for my efforts in combatting global warming.  Al Gore can come over and present it personally, and he can bring his friend Jon (Bon Jovi).  While he’s there he can hang up and take down my laundry in the 110 degree sweltering heat, while Jon and I chat over a bottle of wine.


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  1. I LOVE the HUMOR in this one!

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