Project Remodel

August 6, 2007

Project bathroom remodel is going splendidly.  I have to reneg on my last post a little though, we ended up getting the flooring at the local store, as it was about half the price.  Upon getting the flooring home we noticed the small print on the package that said we needed to let the flooring acclimate to our home temperature 48 hours.  We called the flooring store and were told that we could lay it on Sunday, as long as we laid the boxes out individually overnight on Saturday.  Since we weren’t able to do anything Saturday night, as we had planned, we decided to give the room a fresh coat of paint to go with the new flooring.  We had the paint and supplies left over from another job, so it didn’t cost us a thing.  Of course, ,the kids wanted to “help”, and I thought Jess was going to loose it, but we managed.  My youngest, age 2, accidentally gave his brother a nice white skunk-like streak accross this hair, which is almost washed out now.  It was nice to see my family working together on something, even if the kids were causing more mess than they were helping. 

On Sunday we enlisted the help of  our wonderful brother-in-law, and together he and Jess got the floor installed.  It looks great.  I also managed to paint the door and inside facing leading into the room.  Getting the baseboards out of the room proved to be harder than expected, and some were damaged in the process.  Therefore, we have decided to purchase some new ones to complete the “new” look of the room. 

The baseboards have to go in before we can do anything else in the room, so we are once again at a standstill.  We have a t-ball party tonight for our oldest, and tomorrow Jess starts back on the afternoon shift, so it looks like my house will be in a dissary for another week, which is having a negative effect on my sanity.  I’m the type of person that NEEDS for things to be in order.  I holding onto the hope that I might possibly be able to paint the baseboards tonight or tomorrow night, then he can install them during the day, in which case the appliances can be moved back in, and I can do laundry again, not to mention get the toilet off the back porch! 


2 Responses to “Project Remodel”

  1. Brian Says:

    Awesome! Did you take and before-and-after pics?

  2. Alyson Says:

    I took a “during” pic, as I forgot to do it before he started pulling everyting out. I was going to wait until we get the room put back into place before doing the “after” photo.

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